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memories of px
9th Aug 2019, 08:54
Can anyone give me a name of an insurance company that understands the flying school market? i need PLI and ELI for one small office and two people.

9th Aug 2019, 12:44
It's nearly ten years since I first had to do this. I found none of the big insurers were interested in covering premises that were actually on an airfield. I've used Haywards ever since. Some competition would be of interest........

Incidentally, they only cover the premises. Between the Club rooms and the aircraft is down to the airfield (which I'm sure doesn't cover ELI). Once in the aircraft only the aircraft insurance is active. Since the PIC only has limited accidental cover it's far from ideal. Bear in mind, self employed instructors must be covered as if they were fully employed. Even volunteers, perhaps doing a bit of decorating for free, are considered employees too.

9th Aug 2019, 16:33
The only insurance I could finf for instructors is via Besso (http://www.besso.co.uk/web/divisions/aviation1)

I contacted Rick Stein (http://www.flyingcover.co.uk/) who offers pilot insurance but he could find anything suitable

memories of px
11th Aug 2019, 20:45
thanks all, it was indeed Haywards, who were the only company interested, i do have the aircraft insured through them, it comes to about 750 for the PLI and ELI