View Full Version : Additional engine-out logic B738

10th Apr 2019, 12:49
FCT 737 NG (TM)
One Engine Inoperative - Fail Operational Airplanes
Additional engine-out logic is incorporated during runway alignment to ensure the downwind wing is not low at touchdown. If the crosswind is from the same side as the failed engine, then the airplane is crabbed by inducing a sideslip. This assures a “wings-level” approach. For moderate or strong crosswinds from the opposite side of the failed engine, no sideslip is induced as the failed engine high approach configuration guarantees an upwind wing low touchdown characteristic.

Please tell me what does “high approach configuration” means

Chu Chu
11th Apr 2019, 00:37
I think it's an approach configuration that has the wing with the failed engine high.