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5th Apr 2019, 05:31
Hi all.

after spending countless of days and nights in different simulators I am quite amazed of how awfull the pixel density/ visual acuity is. With modern computer games, and even computer based flight simulators (x-plane) one is able to get highly realistic visuals.
is there any technical limitation or reason why modern simulators are unable to keep up?

Atlas Shrugged
5th Apr 2019, 05:56
Probably not, but you're not in an airline sim for the 'eye candy' .

There is no comparison whatsoever between the two..... one is nothing more than a game, the other is not.

5th Apr 2019, 07:10
The latest sims our company has have amazing graphics. The visuals are excellent and certainly provide realistic weather and lighting effects for all phases of flight.

5th Apr 2019, 07:48
How accurate do you want the inside of a cloud to look?

5th Apr 2019, 08:19
It all looks the same through sweat and tears!

Less Hair
5th Apr 2019, 10:34
It came a long way.


5th Apr 2019, 18:09
I have flown some very new L3 Boeing simulators and the graphics are truly are woeful. The underlying graphics engine is there but the visual clarity is not. The image is blurred to the point of stupidity. All the sims in the same building behave the same (so not a one off). 3k vis looks like 500m and when they make it snow just forget it. 20 year old sims do better.

In comparison, L3 Airbus sims have the best visuals I've ever seen. Super clarity and 3D objects. I have no idea who certified those Boeing sims....oh wait, I do!

As L3 do not manufacture visual systems and the end user is free to select whatever visual system they desire, there is no correlation between Airbus/Boeing and visual systems on L3 FSTDs

FYI - Boeing are not involved with FSTD qualifications. The FSTD operator is responsible for this.

6th Apr 2019, 16:52
I once asked a Sim Engineer the exact same question some 13 years ago.
20 minutes later,,,,, It boils down to games having multiple pre- made fixed scenarios. A FFS display on the other hand has to react to any random movement by the hardware, the " simulated aircraft".
This is many levels harder and multiple computers are used to make this without delay seen by the Pilot.
AND 90% is night and or IMC so who cares.
The main thing is simulator fidelity or accuracy.

Fursty Ferret
6th Apr 2019, 18:14
Comes down to money. If you're revalidating your IR you only need to see the runway and nothing else. On the other hand if you're training for a visual approach into an airport where the turning point is "the church on the hill", you can get satellite imagery and high resolution terrain maps.

So modern flight simulators can do cracking graphics - if you pay for it.

Raffles S.A.
6th Apr 2019, 19:03
You hardly ever look out of the window during a PC, except for takeoff and the odd visual approach.

6th Apr 2019, 19:46
Could be, I have been out of the sim stuff the last 12 years, but it is not a big part of the certification requirement .