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9th Dec 2016, 12:26
Hey folks,

is anyone of you familiar with the FAA requirements on CAT II/III for foreign carriers in the US?

Is is really true, that TWO RVR values are required AND controlling when conducting low vis approaches?

Could someone please state a source of reliable information (FAA docs or so..)?

Thank you so much!!

Check Airman
10th Dec 2016, 08:41
The answer to your question is likely to be company dependent. Over here, different companies have different requirements. It may also vary by aircraft type. We need at least 2 RVR readings for a Fail Operative CAT3, and if the 3rd is operating, it must be taken into account.

10th Dec 2016, 10:18
Hi Check Airman,

I am not talking about company policy but legal requirements. In europe, ATC may report only one RVR on a CAT III, which is totally legal. If more RVRs are reported (which is likely) we have our specific company regulations. But generally, only ONE RVR reported by ATC t is sufficient in Europe. Do you have a data source, where I can find the requirement of having a minimum of two RVRs in the US? Thereis/was one, but I can't find the reference.


10th Dec 2016, 11:04
In the FAA Ops Specs. Hopefully your company provides this info to you. For us, for CAT III fail-operational, 3 RVR required and controlling but if one is temporarily inoperative, then two are required and controlling.

That way, we don't have to divert if one RVR is U/S.

10th Dec 2016, 11:43
The FAA will issue a foreign air carrier Ops Specs under FAR 129.

"CAT II/III Approach and Landing Minimums (Foreign Air Carrier). AC 120-29 (CAT II), AC 120-28, and this order establish the lowest approach and landing minimums that can be authorized, under any circumstances, for foreign air carrier CAT II/III operations in the United States. These minimums are equivalent to the minimums authorized for a comparably equipped U.S. operator. The CAT II operating minimums are specified in OpSpec C059 (H108 for rotorcraft), and CAT III operating minimums are specified in OpSpec C060 (H109 for rotorcraft), and in a manner similar to minimums specified for U.S. operators. The airborne equipment required for CAT II/III operations must also be specified in the appropriate OpSpec."

Then you have to dig through AC 120-28 and 120-29. The way I remember it (for my airline) is I need one RVR report (at touchdown) for a CAT I, two reports (touchdown and rollout) for a CAT II and three reports (touchdown, midfield and rollout) for a CAT III. With the note as Jammed Stab said that if the rollout is inop for a CAT II we can use the midfield and either the midfield or rollout can be temporary inop for a CAT III. Like a lot of stuff in US airline ops, it's whatever your FAA office approved. For foreign air carriers that's usually the JFK International Office.

10th Dec 2016, 15:28
Thank you folks,
checked the docs you mentioned. That explains a lot!

10th Dec 2016, 20:27
knarfo, the EU explanation you've given above does not read right to. Off the thread, I know, just a remark. Thanks for sharing such an interesting topic!