View Full Version : IR renewal, and MEP rating

22nd Feb 2016, 15:34
I am looking to renew my IR, which i did in a Multi. I am also looking to do my MEP rating aswell. the MEP rating is not a renewal it will be the full ME course. Does anyone know of any good flying schools to use?? I am currently based in near Winchester.

I think with the new IR rules i might have to do a few lessons for the IR as it has been a couple of years since i last renewed it.


3rd Mar 2016, 08:44
How could you do a ME IR without a ME rating? Or was it multi-pilot test?

5th Mar 2016, 09:20
Why must you redo the MEP course? If it's a renewal it's training as required and prof check.

6th Mar 2016, 15:50
It's not as simple as training as required and a check. There is a very clear AMC on what is required but basically up to three years it's a training course defined by the ATO and then it's a full course.

I do dozens of them every year.

Ex Oggie
7th Mar 2016, 09:01
FCL.740 and the associated AMC is not a mandatory requirement to do the full course again after 3 years.

The onus is still on the ATO to assess the candidate and decide what training is required.


7th Mar 2016, 17:21
Following feedback from industry, the UK CAA filed an Alternative Means of Compliance for refresher training towards renewal of class and type ratings. The UK alternative requirements for applicants specify training as required in accordance with an individually tailored programme. See the UK Alt MoC1 FCL.740(b)(1) which can be found in CAP 804, Section 4, Part H, Subpart 1, page 7.