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Rivet gun
24th Nov 2015, 11:53
Until recently, the 500 ft rule (from persons, vehicles etc.) applied to practice approaches anywhere other than a government aerodrome, a licensed aerodrome or a "training aerodrome" (restricted to training ops). This has now been extended to any "aerodrome" so the category "training aerodrome" is no longer needed.

This begs the question: how is an "aerodrome" defined - as distinct from a landing site which is not an aerodrome (private strip)?

http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/2884/20151007SERAAB_ANO_PermissionsExemptions_ROTA2015Consolidati on.pdf

Rivet gun
25th Nov 2015, 07:58

By the ANO 255 definition is seems any landing strip in regular use is an aerodrome.