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1st Oct 2015, 16:22
Good evening everyone.

Sorry for my ignorance and my very below average understanding of the scheme of charges by HM CAA UK but, I would like to understand what should I pay CAA UK for a TRI initial entry...

Anybody willing to kindly enlight?

Thank you and happy landing

1st Oct 2015, 17:34
The CAA Scheme of charges is in Official Record Series 5 No: 299 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/ORS5%20No%20299%20V6%20Final%20PLS.pdf) Table 19 is probably what you are looking for.

9th Oct 2015, 20:32
thank you Whopity.

It is, the fee was 119 quid plus courier.

On a consequent subject, I would like to pick your gentlemen minds on how the CAA UK issue my license after my LPC and AOC for TRI on the A 320

this is how thw new entries made by the CAA looks like:

date of rating test date of IR test validity until
A320/IR/LV 22/01/2015 22/01/0015 29/02/2016
A320/IR 03/10/2015 03/10/2015 31/10/2016
A320TRI 03/10/2015 03/10/2015 31/10/2016

My question is:

Should the A320 IR expiring the 31/10/2016 be written in this way:

A320/IR/LV instead of A320/IR ????

...and, Should there be only one A320/IR/LV entry instead of 2?

I do not understand why CAA wrote an entry as the following:

date of rating test date of IR test validity until
A320/IR/LV 22/01/15 22/01/15 29/02/16

I believe is not correct but, before I talk to the CAA I would like to know your opinion.

Thank you for your help

10th Oct 2015, 20:03
Three things stand out as incorrect:A320/IR/LV 22/01/2015 22/01/0015 29/02/2016 and why is the TRI only valid for 0ne year FCL.940 states 3 years.A320TRI 03/10/2015 03/10/2015 31/10/2016
Why is the IR revalidation date relevant to the TRI rating? For other Instructor ratings this is left blank or marked N/A

The CAA is known for incorrect and what may seem illogical entries, I am afraid you will need to ask them.