View Full Version : Ek A330 engine failure out of MAN

Red Hackle
10th Jun 2002, 09:18
Anyone know anything about an EK A330 having an Engine Failure out of MAN 2 days ago.

Anti Skid On
10th Jun 2002, 10:52
They do seem to be having a bad time (see other thread here) (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=55377)

Electric Sky
10th Jun 2002, 11:16
If this is true will it have implications for carriers such as bmi,Monarch,JMC,My Travel etc using RR Trent powered A330's on ETOPS flights???

ES ;)

10th Jun 2002, 14:38
Bad day... for airliners at MAN...

Also heard a SATA International A310 had an engine failure there... oh, wait a minute, or was it in EMA??

Anyone knows something about that?

Hand Solo
10th Jun 2002, 19:33
Strange! Haven't heard any reports on the news of Dubai-bound pax being within minutes of death as flames leapt from the engine of the stricken airliner. You'd normally get at least one report of how the crippled aircraft went into freefall as the pilot (singular) fought with the controls.

10th Jun 2002, 20:41
It must have been EMA. There hasn't been a SATA A310 in MAN this year!

I'm told that one visited EMA at weekend, though.

Sadly for the tabloid gang the whole EK engine failure affair was handled calmly and professionally by all concerned.

They'll probably make up something suitably dramatic in a few weeks' time, though!:rolleyes:

10th Jun 2002, 21:22
A330-200 A6EAA operating outbound EK018 on June 8, declared a PAN,
approx. 30 mins after departing MAN. Aircraft returned to MAN with
starboard engine shut down.

Pax put up in hotel overnight and departed on same aircraft next morning.

10th Jun 2002, 21:58
Supposed to be a FMU failure no implications to other ETOPS operations so went the conversation at my companies ETOPS brief and recovery far too quick for a real ENGINE failure i.e. change

11th Jun 2002, 17:30
isn't A6-EAA named City of Birmingham?
After 30 mins flying time time it would have been over or near BHX...should've popped in for a break!;) :cool:

12th Jun 2002, 09:07
EK quite sensibly do not waste time and money "naming" their airplanes. Love the pragmatic approach of placing a sticker for an inaugaral flight and then taking it off!

All that matters is the number of bums on seats, not what the machine is called.