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16th Oct 2013, 19:40
Dear all,

does anyone knows if it is still possible to do the LPC on the a/c?
I hold a uk caa ATPL with C525 type rating and want to do the LPC wit an german LBA authorized TRE.
Thank you for any hint...!!!

16th Oct 2013, 19:56
In theory if there is an EASA approved sim then no.

But some authority's are ignoring that rule so it depends who issued your license.

16th Oct 2013, 20:00
Yes it is. My Type Rating is renewed in the aircraft every year, next week in fact.

16th Oct 2013, 20:02
Is there an approved sim for your type Bose?

16th Oct 2013, 20:10
OK, my license is issued by the UK CAA, and I used to do the LPCs on the a/c.
So I think its still possible useing the CAA SRG 1157 form to complete.

16th Oct 2013, 20:18
It is possible.

I also have done aircraft LPC's for the last 5 years on one type.

This year it was into the sim. Because there is one approved.

If there is only one and its broken I think you can ask for a dispensation.

The UK CAA isn't one of the authorities which is ignoring the rule in my experience.

17th Oct 2013, 01:17
Denmark, Sweden hold pretty much to "If there is a sim, use it," while it seems that the Germans even let people do type-ratings in the aircraft.......like Challengers(!)

17th Oct 2013, 03:02
The Germans seem to go if you can train for it in Germany using a German examiner you can do it.

If it would mean going outside Germany its better to do it in Germany than outside even if it means not going to the sim.