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Sammmy Sam
10th Jul 2013, 08:43
Hi Bros, I need some help here.

I would like to obtain FAA CGI / AGI by self study. I am a non-US citizen and do not live in US, however I visit New York regularly.

Anyone knows how I can register for the exam? There is no online application on the FAA website.

Thanks a lot!

11th Jul 2013, 02:42
You can take the FAA exams at many testing centers in the US. I've always used CATS via the local community college - something like $129/test. AOPA members save ten dollars.

You will have to take The FOI test as well as any BGI, IGI, and AGI tests you want. No instructor endorsement required.

Take the exam results to the FSDO and eventually get your instructor certificate in the mail.

I have BGI and IGI.

Hope this helps.

11th Jul 2013, 03:25
You can take the tests at any of these locations:


As LTCTerry said, you'll have to do both the FOI and AGI writtens. You'll have the results walking out the door. In theory you could set up an appointment with a FSDO for some afternoon, complete the tests in the morning, and have your cert before dinner.

Sammmy Sam
12th Jul 2013, 01:47
Thank you so much LTCTerry and MarkerInbound. May I confirm the information again.

1. I can do my self-study now, (using the package like Gleim), and when I am ready, go for the exam.

2. Then approach the test center as on the list from MarkerInbound for test and Instructor Certificate, no need to register/contact FAA office.

Thanks Again!!!

13th Jul 2013, 02:35
Not quite.

* Study however you like.
* When ready for the exams - FOI + certificate specific ie AGI, BGI &/or IGI - book an exam with an exam centre.
* After you pass FOI + BGI/AGI/IGI book an appointment with an FAA FSDO for the issue of the certificate. Bring government issued ID & exam results. The FSDO will issue a temporary certificate for you to use until the permanent one arrives in the mail.