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28th May 2013, 10:58
This may have already been covered.
I've just had a look at the new PPL written exams. I'm shocked and horrified. Who the hell wrote them? The navigation exam no longer requires the use of a chart. There's no planning. A lot of the questions don't have anything to do with PPL training/flying. This exam in particular must have been written by somebody with no knowledge of aviation training.
I don't know what to say. I'm shocked at the way that things are going.

28th May 2013, 12:41
If you are an AOPA member, please send your views to the AOPA office, marked 'for attention of the Instructor Committee'.


28th May 2013, 14:03
I'm not, but by the looks of things I should be.
I have a really horrible feeling about where all of this is heading. I've been teaching for over twenty years, and recently I was offered a job in another industry. I'm starting to think that I should have taken it.

28th May 2013, 14:28
So in short, the old exam papers were useless and the new ones not much better either, I guess we can always wait another 50 years when things change again... :eek:

28th May 2013, 15:09
I've written to AOPA.

28th May 2013, 15:49
Thanks, Esperenza!

28th May 2013, 19:56
One year ago Flightcrew Standards issued an IN No 2012-094 (http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/IN_2012_094NavigationTrainingfor%20FTOprovidingFlight%20Inst ructorCoursesv1_May12.pdf) regarding Navigation standards and the training expected. Perhaps someone should send them a copy of their own exams!

29th May 2013, 06:41
I mentioned to a senior CAA Examiner that many of the so-called 'MDR' techniques mentioned in the IN weren't actually 'MDR' at all. The response? "Trust you to spot that!".....:rolleyes:

Mickey Kaye
31st May 2013, 20:27
I've just had a look at the Nav questions and I can't believe there content.

I know the CAA claim to have discussed the new PPL exams with industry but I have no idea which industry they discussed them with because for love or money I can't see the relevance of their content to PPL navigational training.

I would therefore urge everyone to have a read of them and pass their comments either good or bad to AOPA.

1st Jun 2013, 06:27
The removal of the Navigation Chart is probably down to ergonomics and cost. The CAA no longer has a stock of charts, and nobody retains out of date charts, they are destroyed to avoid payment of OS licensing charges. In the absence of any training analysis, who is to say what is relevant? The EASA syllabus is so vague it quantifies nothing!
The quality of the new PPL exams is not much different from the quality of the new professional exams which are also produced by people with no relevant experience.