View Full Version : ME Renewal and CRI

29th Jan 2013, 22:36
Another question on ME and CRI.

I need to renew my ME, would the CAA that part of the training is done on a FNPT II and part of it on the plane. FNPT II is a da42.

On the CRI, they specify 5 hours of flight instruction but not specify like for the IRI or the FI if some part can be done on a FNPt II. Could I do part of the 5 hours training in the FNPT II and then some part of it in the airplane?

FNPT II is a da42 sim and the plane would be a da42.


30th Jan 2013, 12:55
That gives the ATO the chance to plan a CRI course using an FNPT. If its been approved then you can do it, but you can't do it ad-hoc. I am not aware of any CRI courses that are approved to use a FNPT. Shouldn't be an issue with training for the renewal but again its up to the ATO.