View Full Version : Brake to Vacate - how does it work?

27th Aug 2011, 12:40
Is it part of the Autobrake system or the FMGEC? What do you have to select that it starts? On what page of the CDU do you give inputs?

Is it correct that LH and AF A380 have it only? Any A346?

How does it work? Does it brake immediatly after touch down or when approaching the taxiway to vacate? When start the reversers and in what position? Do you have to select revers and what position?

Are brake temperatures generally lower than with Auto/Manual brakes? Does it hit the vacating point always?

Unfortunately there are no publications around yet, and an Airbus pdf file linked to Wikipedia seems to be lost. Smartcockpit is not updated for A380 yet.


27th Aug 2011, 12:56
Dani, Google it, there is a lot of info out there including a video as well.

27th Aug 2011, 13:57
thanks, Lakerman, I googled everything - and I'm quite good at it -, but couldn't find the answers to the questions above. Wikipedia is not very detailed, Airbus only on the commercial level. The video is from a non-Airbus aircraft landing without any information.

I'm interested in information on about FCOM detail level.

Thanks to everyone,

27th Aug 2011, 17:55
Does this help?


27th Aug 2011, 18:03
Brake to Vacate (http://www.scribd.com/doc/63345873)

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