View Full Version : Airbus 32F SOP change

25th Jul 2011, 20:11
i've just recived a letter from my company to advise us of some sop changes, now we should only disarm ground spoilers at last flap retraction (conf 1 to 0 ) and only then switch off runway turn off and taxi light.

does anyone knows why ?

26th Jul 2011, 07:35
we had this change a long time ago.. because some people were extending the spoilers after gear up. and also too much distraction below 400'

Last Ditch
26th Jul 2011, 12:09
Maybe to extend- Anti-Bird measure ;)
BTW any other changes??

26th Jul 2011, 18:52
Are these company or airbus sops?

26th Jul 2011, 23:42
Great, another useless change to the SOP... just like turning landing gear lights on with flaps full instead of when L/G down (as it was before).

capt. solipsist
27th Jul 2011, 02:46
This is new Airbus SOP to reduce distractions below 400'. As well, it is consistent with procedures for failures after t/o ("no action except cancelling of MW/MC and gear up").

It also bunches together all actions needed to "clean up" in one action loop.

27th Jul 2011, 08:39
I still have revision 44.
has rev 45 been issued yet?

capt. solipsist
28th Jul 2011, 02:55
haven't taken the trouble yet of figuring out the new system of revision ident, but it's in the new FCOM (ours is dated 11 April 2011) and this is what's indicated in the Summary of Highlights:

Takeoff - When Positive Climb

27 May 2011 : Modification of content of the element 00011565.0001001

whatever that means :}

(btw, it's in this revision where he new CVR test proc is also written)