View Full Version : Low Level Orbit A320

17th Jul 2011, 13:24
I was reading up on the Gulf Air A320 that crashed into the sea in 2000. It stated the pilots conducted a Low Level Orbit but wasnt successful and did a go around. Can someone explain what a low level orbit is? Is it a way to reduce speed?

18th Jul 2011, 16:24
Could be a way of loosing speed and/or altitude on finals when too fast or too high...though not really recommended in an airliner at night with passengers with no visible terrain features.

You turn left or right, all the way to 360 degrees, gives you time/distance to re-adjust stabilised parameters for a stable approach and landing.

I would keep this kind of maneuver to last resort and day VMC only.

The standard approach would be to perform a go-around.