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1st Jul 2011, 09:57
Fellow A320 Pilots,

As I understand there are a few cases where a go-around may be initiated when speed is in SELected mode, ie. Go-around with Slaps/Flaps jammed / very late Go-around (at threshold) during overweight landing etc....

In this cases if you have a late Go-around, what is the procedure recommended?

For Flaps/ Slats jammed: Do we go around at VAPP in SEL? or do we change this speed?

For Overweight Landing: Do we go around at VLS speed selected at threshold?

Of course in each case when a flap is retracted VLS will increase also. So what is the recommendation when performing a GA in selected speed? And the procedure up to Config 0.

Thanks all for your help :ok:

1st Jul 2011, 16:50
You mean a No FD go around?

with FDs, SRS will come active and speed target will be magenta.

with no FD you follow the selected target, then change it as required for acceleration

2nd Jul 2011, 13:00

I mean for example if you have a Slaps/Flaps fault on approach (which you loose AP, FD, A/THR). How would you perform the go around in this case? with regards, to speed and pitch up to acc alt.


2nd Jul 2011, 19:49

In this case (double computer faults or flap lever sensor unit fail) speed is
either selected or selected. Just fly it (VAPP) until accel altitude, then select VMAX -10. That is what SRS would do, more or less.

2nd Jul 2011, 20:53