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21st Apr 2011, 07:48
An aircraft takes off from an airport 2 hrs before sunset . The pilot flies a track of 90 T , W/V 130/20 , TAS 100kts . In order to return to the point of departure before sunset , furthest distance which maybe traveled is :

a. 84 nm
b. 97 nm
c. 105 nm
d. 111 nm

somehow i am not able to figure out a way to approach this quest any help will be appreciated .


21st Apr 2011, 08:30
Try the PNR formula...should work :ok:

21st Apr 2011, 09:45
Why dint i see that one coming :( :ugh:

thanks for the help :ok:

21st Apr 2011, 09:48
Doesn´t matter if it is time to sunset or time to running out of fuel...

Distance to Point of No Return =
(Fuel endurance (hours) × Ground speed return (knots) × Groundspeed outbound (knots)) / (Ground speed return (knots) + Groundspeed outbound (knots))

Correct answer: 97 nm

21st Apr 2011, 10:03
Given the time needed to accelerate to cruise TAS, to turn around and to decelerate and fly a circuit/an approach - the answer is probably 84nm ;)

21st Apr 2011, 11:25
it is assumed that the a/c does nor do all of those thing when questions like these are made:sad:....correct ans 97...:ok:

21st Apr 2011, 12:01
yes the correct answer in 97 kts

21st Apr 2011, 12:38
No probs :) Best of luck for the exam...:ok: