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21st Apr 2010, 09:52

As you know, sometimes it's hard to find the relevant FCOM paragraph.
In this case, I need to find where it is described when and how continuous ignition is automatically activated when ENG A.ICE is ON and for take off and approach.

I just can't find it and I am getting :*

please help me, before I destroy my laptop!

21st Apr 2010, 10:47

Have a look in FCOM 1.30.30 page 2

"Continuous ignition is selected when the valve(EAI) is opened"


21st Apr 2010, 13:16
I believe it depends how old your Airbus is or perhaps the aircraft software.The ignition does indeed come on with anti ice selection,on the "older" models.The later models leave it to the Fadec to decide if it's needed.

21st Apr 2010, 17:14
"Continuous ignition is selected when the valve(EAI) is opened" I am not sure

21st Apr 2010, 18:17
Hi MB2002,

It's hidden in another "logic flow diagram" under:
Fcom 1.70.80 - Ignition system -Automatic selection.

It's the funny little button picture.

It depends on which Registration you're looking at. Our newish 319s don't have automatic ignition with engine anti-ice.

22nd Apr 2010, 11:41
Thanks guys I will check with older FCOMs...

And what about take off and approach. Does ignition activate with slats, or something like that? I thought it was mandatory to have ignition during take off and approach.

But, what I am really looking for: When to select IGN ON?

22nd Apr 2010, 11:58
Again its some aircraft that turn the ign on for the approach (when F1 sel) Others (older) leave you to do it for yourself, if the conditions in the FCOM are satisfied. Similar for departure...