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1st Apr 2010, 08:17
I would like to know what ECAM shows if you're in the middle of a procedure for a single bleed fault and the other bleed fails. Does it wipe the existing single bleed procedure and just display Dual Bleed Fault? Or does it tag Dual Bleed Fault after the single bleed fault procedure? I imagine it's the former, but if someone could confirm... More importantly, how would I answer my own question with FCOM? I had a good look at it yesterday but could not come up with a definitive answer.



1st Apr 2010, 08:38
Hi Permafrost,
the ECAM message ENG 1 BLEED is automatically replaced by AIR ENG 1 2 (DUAL) BLEED FAULT: the relevant part on the FCOM is 3.02.36 p.3 !

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1st Apr 2010, 09:36
Thanks fredgrav. I had found the relevant FCOM pages, but from what I could see it didn't tell you whether the ENG 1 BLEED message was automatically replaced by the AIR ENG 1 2 (DUAL) BLEED FAULT, or whether AIR ENG 1 2 (DUAL) BLEED FAULT was ADDED to after the ENG 1 BLEED message.

In other words, I was wondering whether you could end up in a situation where you didn't know whether to finish the ECAM procedure you had already started (ENG 1 BLEED) before going to the QRH to carry out the AIR ENG 1 2 (DUAL) BLEED FAULT paper procedure.

I'm still fairly new to the beast and, coming from a non-ECAM jet, I'm still a bit worried that I end up in situations where I don't know whether to follow ECAM or QRH.



1st Apr 2010, 10:25
Eheheh, you're right Perma, it's a bit confusing to be honest ! :)
Anyway it all comes with priority rules: Level 1-2-3. Whenever a second failure of this type happens while already perfoming an ECAM action, you can either HOLD ECAM and check with QRH/OEB's, or simply continue doing actions in the reported order (eg. new Level 3 warning over the old Level 2): should a DUAL ENG BLEED FAULT caution be displayed just after a 1/2 ENG BLEED FAULT, the right new ECAM sequence will automatically overcome the old one, belonging to a lower level.
The FCOM sections related to ECAM Sequence and Priority Rules are 1.31.10 and 1.31.25.

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1st Apr 2010, 12:17
So why have we just had a notification of new oeb/qrh procedure while airbus sort out the ecam procedures?

1st Apr 2010, 14:00
Some FWC's, thus ECAM procedures have been updated with new OEB's, some not. A message "REFER TO QRH PROC" is displayed on the E/WD/STS page whatever there's a POB overriding the existing ECAM. In such a case, the use of QRH is mandatory. By the way, each time the crew has a good reason to believe that an ECAM procedure ain't the best action to cope with the failure, it is possible either to refer on QRH or do the best thing yourself (eg. ECAM instructs you to shutting off the last hydraulic system available).


1st Apr 2010, 15:02
1.31.10 and 1.31.25

Thanks, sometimes getting back to basics is just what you need! I really wish I had a paper copy of FCOM though...