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8th Feb 2010, 04:44
Hi, there

Let me ask you something.

According to ICAO doc 9365 Table 6-1 take-off minima

Runway edge lights, runway centre line lights, centre line markings,
and TDZ, MID and stop-end RVR
Runway edge lights and either centre line lights or centre line markings

"Runway edge lights and either centre line lights or centre line markings = 500m"

Is 500m RVR or VIS? If 500m is RVR, is it TDZ RVR?

and second question is.....

I'll give you 3 scenarios.

our airport has full facilities with 3 RVRs. and take-off minima is 150m
TDZ MID Roll-out
1) 500, 150, 100

2) 500, 100, 100

3) 150, 100, 100 but VIS is observed 500m

Does local air traffic controller issue take-off clearence above each occasion?

and could you give me a related basis or regulation?

I'm confused these days. please help me....

8th Feb 2010, 09:30
Hi seoulapp,

1) If your performance is such that your accelerate to V1 and stop distance is 2/3 rds of the the runway length available (so you can show you will be below 60 kts by the last 1/3 rd) - then you can ignore the stop end RVR. So you can take off under 500 150 100

2) Mid point RVR is below limits - so you can't take off.

3) You can only assess the take off visibility for the first part. The mid point is beyond 500m so you can't judge the visibility there - you have to accept the RVR value - so you can't take off.

ATC don't know your limits - so provided the RVR is equal to or above the minimum RVR published for the airport, they can offer clearance.

FCS Explorer
8th Feb 2010, 13:47
ATC will always clear you for TO or LD. if you're past night curfew or doing a NDB in VV// conditions - not their problem - but YOURS.
unless the airport is closed due to snow, crash or whatever.

FE Hoppy
8th Feb 2010, 19:44

I believe the 60kts in your point 1 only applies to the landing case. At least it is only specifically stated as such in EU ops. "Relevant" for the take off case is not defined and so I would consider the requirement to mean the accelerate stop distance for the take off conditions should be less than 2/3 of the TORA. I say TORA as I'm not sure if stopway is included in the positioning of the detectors used for RVR assessment.