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26th Dec 2009, 19:47
Please share your expierence or give a reference

Mäx Reverse
27th Dec 2009, 09:45
What a polite and meaningful posting!

LOWI-Operation is serious bussiness and that's why serious operators share theire experiences via a mandatory familiarization in the SIM instead of have pilots fishing the depths of the web.

In some cases even a flight to LOWI under supervision in addition to the SIM is required and siginificant paperwork is available in preparation for the SIM.

So - could it be that something isn't quite right here, couldn't it?

Regards, MAX

27th Dec 2009, 11:24
I agree book some time in a sim and do LOWI and see if you can get in without bending the SIM before you bend the plane

27th Dec 2009, 11:49
If you can see the scenery, it is stunning. VERY careful brief required for all the many option - and enjoy!

27th Dec 2009, 12:11
What a polite and meaningful posting!

LOWI-Operation is serious bussiness and that's why serious operators share theire experiences via a mandatory familiarization in the SIM instead of have pilots fishing the depths of the web.

Max, you are a very serious man in a very serious company:ok: What are you fishing here? How to fly to Moscow - I can tell you with pleasure, but...


27th Dec 2009, 12:14
A couple of years ago we had LOWI on the LVO and maneuvering part for the OPC. Very, very, very good as a training example. Missed approach with single engine when landing from west is a bit scary...

Conclusion, don't go there unless sim session and preparation before.:=

G-SPOTs Lost
27th Dec 2009, 12:57
We had a requirement to visit LOWI prior to attending sim training, we set ourselves VFR weather minima insisted on an easterly approach and also practised a high energy go around from a baulked landing backtracking the ILS to MSA (which was good practise) at our home base.

Under those circumstances it is possible to self brief, we had handling and pax transportation already booked and payed for at MUC so if we didn't get in there was no drama. The pax were 90% convinced they were going to Munich

I agreed with the other crew members that:

If we didn't have the wx - Munich
any unserviceabilities - Munich
If they were approaching from the west - Munich

We additionally kept ourselves very light to ensure that we didn't try to hard on the day.

We also sourced some AOC briefs one from an Airline and in addition from a bizjet operator that was written around an old type that we used to operate so we ensured that we had a lot of performance to hand. Gotchas were the required gradients after approaching 26 and circling for the other end. And the height of the terrain once downwind.

we spent probably two days briefing it together. Theres also a very small benefit to get orientated using the videos available on you tube

Even having subsequently done it in the sim and probably meeting the requirements (I cant remember what they were) to have the special approaches authorised, I still wouldn't go there in pretty much less than the VFR conditions we insisted upon initially. Our sim instructor gave us a heavy OEI departure of 26 and theres not a lot of room for a clean up and being V2+10/-0 instead of V2+5/-0 gave us terrain warnings so check your performance

Theres a load of wx info available.

On the day we had good weather and did the straight in for 26 with no drama and on the way out took a VFR departure up the valley and then a direct KPT which was one of the most memorable departures I can remember.

So it is doable on a private basis, just do all your homework and if you have any doubts whatsoever MUC is for you.

I haven't meant to make light of the place - we got lucky with the weather, if you dont respect the place it will catch you out without doubt. We couldn't have been better briefed and had loads of perf in hand

27th Dec 2009, 13:03
As others have said, BE CAREFUL!!!

In sum, there are only 3 places you can turn a jet aeroplane around in the valley so go arounds, eng fail procedures and baulked landing procedures need to be rehearsed until you can do them in your sleep. No faster than 150kias in the valley unless you are a local and know your way around.

ATC very helpful and will advise on most appropriate procedure for the wx also available to talk to on telephone before departure!


kick the tires
27th Dec 2009, 13:24
Yes indeed, a privilege to operate there.


G-SPOTs Lost
27th Dec 2009, 13:38
For ORIENTATION purposes only - watch this at home with a Jepps on you knee. You can clearly see the landmarks on the prescribed tracks when downwind you can see the church at 6:56 or so. You wont be able to make out these landmarks in the sim.

Youtube Link - R26 circle 08 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU1a2XU4YSY)

I would only reccommend these kind of conditions when going there for the first time..

There are some more on there.

28th Dec 2009, 10:59
Thanks a lot