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11th Dec 2009, 20:23

11th Dec 2009, 20:36

I'm sorry, I can't answer your question.
After more then twenty years on AB I have the impression performance calculations are kind of voodoo. We, the pilots, are forced to just follow the fuzzy-logic.

Way to less explanations what's behind.


13th Dec 2009, 10:35
Why should we use TOGA thrust? :ugh::ugh::ugh:

13th Dec 2009, 10:51
Increase your weight to ensure V2 exceeds Vmu. If it allows a FLX TKOFF your actual performance will exceed the performance tabulated.

By using TOGA, you will be using speeds that are promulgated to the maximum weight allowable for the environmental envelope, that will ensure you will exceed Vmu.

Clear as mud!?::confused:

13th Dec 2009, 11:00
Low Vmu speeds and wet runway deductions will reduce your speeds to the level where you are compromising the a/c from the point of Vmcg and possibly Vmca, TOGA gets rid or that problem for you by using higher speeds.

13th Dec 2009, 16:50
...okay, I think it is best to consider Vmu as "Minimum Unstick speed", that is the lowest speed at which the aircraft will become airborne when you rotate. If you rotate at a speed lower than Vmu, you are in real danger of a tailstrike.
Vmu is 1) dependent on weight, typically an A320, 70tonnes=Vmu 140
60 tonnes=Vmu 130kt, etc, but check the actual data from your company.
2) Vmu is also dependent on pressure altitude, obviously if you are at a high altitude airport, the Vmu will be higher, as the less dense air has less lift.
You select TOGA if Vmu is limiting, because the speeds with Toga power, are higher, because you are getting the maximum performance available from the aircraft, and are not really looking at getting the benefit available from longer runways, which is reduced take off power, and maintenance savings.
Where I operate from, has 2133 metres of runway, and at weights of 64tonnes and more, Vmu is often limiting.
In summary, if speeds are limited by Vmu, first try a lower flex(say 4degrees lower), if Vmu is still limiting, then go Toga!
Hope this helps, spasibo!