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10th Nov 2009, 19:18

I currently hold a French JAR driving licence with CPL, MEP, IR/ME SP + IR/SE, FIA and C525 TR SP. I have well over the fifty hours MEP normally required to do a French FI multi engine course, and also well over the 200 hours IR required in France to do a French IRI course, and also well over the 200 hours on C525 normally required to do a French TRI course - though I have not done these additional courses that are required by the French authority to hold CRI, IRI and TRI qualifictions. I also hold a CRI certificate on DA42, isued by Diamond factory examiner, but this is not recognised as CRI qualification by French DGAC as I only hold a single-engine instructor rating.

I now have to convert my French licence to an Austrian licence, as a requirement for a new employer.

I have *heard* from an experienced Austrian instructor that under the Austrian interpretation of FCLs, I can immediately add to my FIA the following:
1. FI ME - as I have over fifty hours on ME
2. FI IRI - as I have over 200 hours IR
3. CRI on DA42, by virtue of my factory certificate and 1.
4. TRI C525, as I have over 200 hours on C525.

According to my contact, Austria interprets the FCL requirements that an FI rating is the highest instructional rating, and the various other ratings (CRI, TRI etc) are only needed by specialised instructors who do not hold a full FI rating.

Can any other Austrian instructors confirm all of this, or better still point me to something in writing from AustroControl? Or a contact in AustroControl to whom I can write?

11th Nov 2009, 11:37
Why not go straight to the Austrian CAA and put your case to them and get the official requirements.