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250 kts
29th Aug 2001, 21:16
Does anyone have any idea what the logic is behind the latest callsigns BMI are using?
The worst one I've struggled with so far is "Midland Six Victor Six". The tendancy towards alphanumeric callsigns is bad enough for we ATCOs, but to then mix the 2 together and then switch between the 2 is tough when faced with using many different callsigns.( Not well put I know but I hope you get the drift). :eek: :eek:

Whipping Boy's SATCO
29th Aug 2001, 22:35
:D You want to try some of the military callsigns! A few years ago I was faced with 12TM103AB, the worst bit being that it was a formation that split on recovery!!!!!!

Joking aside, it does sound as if BMI have gone a little bit overboard to avoid callsign confusion..............

Talking Ballast
30th Aug 2001, 02:00
Heard some poor crew on their way towards Koksy with the callsign 'Midland Six Sierra Zulu'!! :eek: :eek:
Poor bu**ers sounded like they were piŁ$ed trying to get that mouthful out.

30th Aug 2001, 06:02
Midland something Lima November/November Lima always seem to get me, and try sounding sensible when Midland 7777 is added to the mix one morning when bandboxed ground at LHR was going ape!


30th Aug 2001, 12:44
midland 7 triple 7 :D
That worked for me :D

Rgds K.I.L.

30th Aug 2001, 18:50
Well, the reason for the alpha-numerics was because of the similar flight numbers that were causing even greater confusion.

I think the worst was BD1, BD51, BD251, BD581, and BD81 on the same freq/banded freq at the same time.

The alpha-numerics were trialled by CAA at Hurn and approved, and there have been tweaks since following user input!

So its really the best of a 'bad' job! :cool: