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8th Jul 2001, 21:02
A lot of rumours making the rounds again.I also hear that the command requirements keep on changing. Anybody got some reliable info to share?

M.A. Rats
8th Jul 2001, 21:38

Sorry to disappoint you, but DEC are not on the drawing boards. A whole bunch of upgrades next year by very experienced FOs, so don't hold your breath. :D
We have 600 drivers to date, and the official tally by end 2002 is 780. One thing is for sure, expansion will continue, but based on the outcome of the pilot's meeting late last year, and seeing Mr Flanagan's reaction, DEC are surely a low priority to date. There were a number of FOs who had the right command time to be expedited ahead of the 3-year rule, so that also helped. Trust me, we would rather have that than an "outsider" come in to fill the LHS. Remember, the majority of FOs here at EK have superb experience, and many have more than the required 6000TT. There is a vast experience level from which the Company can draw. Let's hope it does just that!

Re. the command requirements, they were changed late last year, and remain so to date.


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9th Jul 2001, 06:02
Scooby Doo---
Just so as not to disappoint you....not likely for DE commands in EK for the forseeable future due to the general slowdown in the aircarrier industry, and EK will not escape the fallout. In fact, I would not be surprised to find that they defer some deliveries, except of course if GF goes away or reduces to but a shadow of its former self.

9th Jul 2001, 09:17
Interesting....what is this "fast-track" command scheme allegedly tied to one's command time on aircraft in excess of 20.000 kgs?

10th Jul 2001, 13:26
These days any airline has the right to change policies,fleet,flights,crew numbers,etc, overnight.
Its visible in some outfits already.
So don't bet your bottom dollar that DEntry etc won't happen in EK.
If astonishing things can happen with BA,GF,AA,SIA etc etc,EK is a small fish with big wonders.Big deals,orders,fleet expansions cancel or operators review or revamp themselves,to cater for global economic changes which can not be foreseen. Hope I am not right,for your sakes and the f/o's who have been hanging on there,tolerating,so as they achieve command?
DONT PANIC,PLEASE!!!!!!Let it ride and see.
Its all a wait and see game.
It has been for years except we fail or dont want to see it that way.

10th Jul 2001, 15:19
411a - your comments are at odds with the comments of Tim Clark (Chief Director Airline) as reported in last weeks Flt Intl.

11th Jul 2001, 15:17
The rumours here in London are that Emerits will pay you 100-150,000 a year sterling with lots of your expenses paid a big fat pay off if you last 5 years. The requirement being that you need an Airbus rating.

Anyone care to comment.

If there are any ex-Dan Air pilots who would like to take up this offer I'd glady give em a glowing reference.

11th Jul 2001, 16:22
Who is EMIRITS? :)

12th Jul 2001, 12:51
Suggs, in a nutshell (from a friend of mine who joined last year and is an FO on the 330)

1)roughly 3200/month tax free (paid in Dirnhams, so depends on the exchange rate)
2)free house (but it's the company's, not yours)
3)no pension, but a gratuity scheme - you put in 5% of salary, the company puts in 12%. you have to stay there 7 years before you're entitled to 100% of company contributions on resignation)
4)one free ticket per year home for each family member
5)allowances "OK, but nothing to write home about" according to him
6)as stated by others above, no Direct Entry Commands. minimum length of service 3 years before being eligible for command.

Not quite what you've heard, is it?? :)

12th Jul 2001, 14:17
Cheers Chaps

I had a look myself eventually at the emerits ,emirates or that arab lots web page.

Seems every jet job at the moment is paying about the same starting rate. All be it in the middle east there is no tax but it's certainly not for me, worth the bother.

12th Jul 2001, 16:23
Emirates Recruitment Manager informed today no DEC are to be hired.

Too bad.


Can't think of a name
12th Jul 2001, 19:39
Switch Jock....let's hope you're right!!


13th Jul 2001, 13:38
Interesting article in Flight suggests EK set for much larger expansion in the medium term than previously planned. Substantially more airframes than the 55 pencilled in with Flight guessing at an eventual 200 !!

14th Jul 2001, 13:18
Acouple of months ago the Sheik went on record in Gulf News and said 210 aircraft by 2010. Which is a 600% expansion.

Anyon remember the article?

M.A. Rats
14th Jul 2001, 14:02

Has the Gulf News ever been wrong?.... :eek:

15th Jul 2001, 15:36
Thanks for all the Info chaps. Ive bee reading your replies with great interest and two things are evident. 1. policy is only policy and things can change at a stroke of a pen. ie Emirates can decide to recruite 100 Direct Entry Commands tomorow if they choose to, whose to stop them?(No regulating agreement remember) 2. Emirates will expand of that I have no doubt but I seriously question 200 aircraft. What does Dubai and the UAE have that Hong Kong and Singapore dont. Cathay has 75 a/c and Singapore 100 a/c.

At the end of the day economics will rule, if Emirates cant support 200 aircraft then they wont get 200 aircraft, no matter what the Sheikh wants or says. :confused:

M.A. Rats
15th Jul 2001, 16:48

I tend to agree with your two points. I also happened to be at the meeting last year when the DEC issue was discussed. My personal opinion is that EK management are very aware of the sensitive issue that it is. Hence the change of policy favouring FOs with the right time and experience. Numbers to date show that there are a large no. of upgrades next year, so DEC seem a low priority. As you say though, things can change. We are up to 600 drivers, with another 180 by end 2002. The Gulf News story of 210 a/c seemed to be an honest mistake (i.e 600% growth applied to 35 a/c at the time), but nothing has been withdrawn. 110 a/c seems closer to the mark.

What does DXB have that SIN and HKG doesn't - well, I will let future events answer that as best as possible. Don't be too surprised though with the way things are going here. The Shk. is a dynamic man, just look at what has been transformed in the short history of both DXB and the Airline.

In hindsight, I could have joined SAA years ago and now be faced with low-morale, corrupt management and affirmative action. The few issues here at Emirates seem to pale in comparison.

Sure glad I made the move........

Cheers :D

15th Jul 2001, 21:40
Hello to all can anyone give me a hand or info on how to get an interview with them , i have send the info to them and no reply..
I have all the required times and experience?

many thanks

15th Jul 2001, 21:47
Tha answer is - none of the above: I have it on VERY good authority that the next move from EK will be to open a London base, there will be both Captains and Copilots required; apparently the deal will be slightly different to the Dubai deal (yes to the education allowance, but no housing allowance, no transport to/from airport) - it's reckoned a lot of the BA guys might be tempted, particularly those who don't want to have to [not that there's much wrong with the place] live in DXB. Initially B777 type rated only, plan is then for Airbus people, LHR based who will "cover" MAN & BHX.

16th Jul 2001, 01:57
Can anyone give me a hand in getting an interview? i have more than the requirements that they asking for.
All i dream of is a chance........... :)

17th Jul 2001, 02:31
M.A. RATS - nice to read a positive mail once in a while. I'm sure it is a great company.

LONDON basing sounds nice. What do you think M.A.RATS (or anyone else with good info). I heard from an EK-captain that the plan was scrubed. But if they don't, they sure will have to build a lot of villas and appartments..

To the other guy, who wants an interview. Be patient, they will eventually mail you if you have more than 3500 hours and all the other stuff. Good luck

11th Aug 2001, 21:41
...hey 411A, strange how you manage to find the time, again and again to rebuff all and sundry that write into this site... historically, It seems to me that EK are going from strength to strength with or without the luxury of DEC's...Anyway, in my 14 years with the company as a tyre kicker, it strikes me that the bulk of the drivers ( B777, A330, A310,A300, et al ) are a real good bunch, who needs DEC's ? Ask the Engineers,,,,we don't !!!

11th Aug 2001, 22:30
Given the high experience level of the SUCCESSFUL candidates at EK, how could anyone with any conscience accept a DEC in the unlikely event it should occur?

11th Aug 2001, 23:26
My dollar is on DEC in time,once the outfit gets their crew planning into gear.
So those of you keeping an eye on it,please do so.
This topic has too many RATS on board who are only comforting themselves(Job Security).
What the requirements will be will rule the roost.

12th Aug 2001, 05:40
IF Emirates go for LHR basing then watch out where you get paid. The tax man is seriously after SIA London based if they think they are evading rather than avoiding, altogether a major purge by George Brown and his brothers on pilots generally.
That is where DE capts could enter the picture if they don't get enough volunteers with Right of UK Abode.
Overseas basing also screws up the rosters of those left at the main base, OS based are rostered first to maximise productivity and the remains of the roster are then shared out in, for example, Dubai. Don't expect to see much of London if you stay in Dubai either!!!

UAE Camel
12th Aug 2001, 06:44
MAPSHIFT When it comes to DEC, conscience goes out the window. Anyone will accept on, it's all down to IF the airline will give you one.

12th Aug 2001, 10:25
Mapshift - haven't you heard? Pilots, if required, will eat their own young.

12th Aug 2001, 14:13
I thought the late George Brown was part of the Wilson government of the sixties?

12th Aug 2001, 17:52
Soooree!!!! a typo!. I do mean Gordon.

Mister Geezer
12th Aug 2001, 19:21
Do any people think that EK will recruit 'cruise pilots' with lower experience???? (Personally I know it is very unlikely but it is just a thought)

Any ideas from the sand pit?


13th Aug 2001, 05:06
I doubt "cruise pilots" will be required,but I suspect that the ENTRY requirements will change,to attract keen,low time,pilots who seek a widebody job,however expect to see the 6000 hour rule firmly in place for such types.ie younger guys,less hours,longer time to command but entry standard will remain the same.
DECs,if they are needed,they will be hired,but management is astute enough to see both the pros and considerable cons this option brings.Good luck to all who want to come,previous command(1000hrs plus) is a definite advantage.
Rommel :rolleyes:

13th Aug 2001, 11:31

Colleague of mine applies to EK as a B777 DEC. He has over 16,000 hrs, 3 years experience on the B777 as both an IP and Sim Instructor. (using the EK sim!!!)

They turned him down flat, this leads me to believe that EK are not employing DEC's.

Mutt. :)

13th Aug 2001, 21:41
Thanks yet again for all the info folks. As I mentioned earlier, I believe that if Emirates grows to be the size of Singapore they may have no choice but to accept direct entry captains. However I feel this is a long way off and am certain that Emirates has a great deal of respect for the present seniority list and a genuine willingness to keep the ENTIRE pilot group happy. Thanks yet again to all for you mature contribution to this forum. Take care and happy landings to all. ;)