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24th Aug 2008, 09:11
This happened 23 August past 5 pm local time at Barranquilla, Colombia.
The Aires flight was coming from Curacao.
It's the second such incident in Colombia n less than a year with a Dash-8.
http://www.elheraldo.com.co/ELHERALDO/BancoMedios/Imagenes/1a24avion.jpg http://www.elheraldo.com.co/ELHERALDO/BancoMedios/Imagenes/avion20.jpg
Evacuation was efficiently carried out. No injuries.
Source in Spanish:
EL HERALDO (http://www.elheraldo.com.co/ELHERALDO/BancoConocimiento/4/4corran_que_esto_va_a_explotar/4corran_que_esto_va_a_explotar.asp?CodSeccion=16)

24th Aug 2008, 10:16

That's a not a Q400 - so it doesn't immediately fall into the same category as the SAS incidents. Any further info on what happened here?

Different plane, different systems, different landing gear suppliers...

24th Aug 2008, 16:44
Is it really?

I would not think that there are that many big differences- the basics are all the same.

Guess its just a matter of time before Quantas starts reporting troubble. Cross fingers they dont experience the same as SAS...

24th Aug 2008, 18:07
There is very little that is the same between the 300 and the 400. Especially the main gear!

24th Aug 2008, 18:56
Does it operate in cold weather runways like SAS?

24th Aug 2008, 19:20
It generally is found that the operators that do not maintain their aircraft properly, regardless of type, have recurring mechanical problems.

It many times is just that simple.
Gosh, what an absolute surprise...:rolleyes:

24th Aug 2008, 19:27
"Guess its just a matter of time before Quantas :ugh:starts reporting troubble.:ugh: Cross fingers they dont experience the same as SAS..."


...it's QANTAS and TROUBLE

fits perfectly in one sentence doesn't it?!:ooh:

24th Aug 2008, 22:24
It amazes me that to this day, despite reports outlining the maintenance procedures of SAS with their Q400s, that people still 'link' any Dash incident in respect of their landing gear with the Q400 issue last year.

Could this one be an unfortunate accident?

24th Aug 2008, 22:42
Cloud1, which reports do you refer to?

24th Aug 2008, 22:44
That's a not a Q400 - so it doesn't immediately fall into the same category as the SAS incidents.

No, but the 100, 200 and 300 also has a tendency to shear one of the links in the MLG when stressed above a certain level. And it's designed to do it too if I remember correctly. (Something about protecting the structural integrity of the wing???)
Wideroe has had 3 DHC8-100s on its knees IIRC

25th Aug 2008, 12:45
Well, I use the term 'report' as I could not think of any other word more suitable. Was it not confirmed that SAS maintenance procedures failed and therefore the aircraft experienced problems with the undercarriage?? funny because I thought this was and this has been confirmed across various forums...maybe I have missed something.

26th Aug 2008, 09:04
Nope SAS maintanance was never faulted. The undercarrage was!
That is probably why Bombardier and BF Goodrich paid a handsome sum to SAS in damages!


26th Aug 2008, 09:40
I'm sure the FDR readout would confirm a heavy landing.

26th Aug 2008, 10:53
Gear is the weakest link, meaning as M609 said, to give first. You certainly wouldn`t want the gear to pillar its way up into the middle portion of the engine, or...? :ouch:

Any WX info for the airport? Runway seems dry, or at least damp, but that`s pretty much all I can see from the pictures.

Dash-7 lover
26th Aug 2008, 12:06
Same thing happened on landing at Plymouth - Right main gear collapsed after pin sheard after a heavy landing. Unable to locate pics though

steve wilson
28th Aug 2008, 09:49
Can the -8/Q-Series take the same rough handling / landings has say the DHC-7, which was a rough and short field specialist?