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5th Aug 2008, 14:03
Beeb reporting 737/318 touch wingtips @ MAN.

5th Aug 2008, 14:12
Starboard winglet of Futura 737-800 has clipped the APU outlet of a LH A320 at stopbar JA1.

Winglet sheared off and on the deck .... pax being offloaded.

5th Aug 2008, 14:14
Looks like a Lufthansa 320 seems to have had a coming together with a Futura 737!!!

Does anyone have any info. Looks like a case of 'the gap was not big enough':ugh:

5th Aug 2008, 14:18

5th Aug 2008, 14:54
BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Two planes in airport collision (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/7543241.stm)

Two planes in airport collision

http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44792000/jpg/_44792643_mancairport226.jpg The airport remains fully operational

Two aircraft have been involved in what has been described as a "minor wingtip collision" at Manchester Airport.
The planes, carrying a combined 287 passengers, touched wings while they were taxiing out to the runway from Terminal One.
A spokesman for Manchester Airport said there were no reports of any casualties in the collision.
The airport remains fully operational and there are no delays as a result of the incident, he added.
One of the planes involved was a Futura flight bound for Tenerife - a Boeing 737-800 - which was carrying 180 passengers. The other, an Airbus A320, was a Lufthansa flight carrying 107 passengers to Frankfurt, Germany. Both are currently being checked over by the fire service as a safety precaution and will be examined by experts in due course to assess any damage.

5th Aug 2008, 15:47
the FlightGlobal articale states the aircraft are still parked at the scene ... Once the aircraft have been cleared as safe to move then surely the airport operator would want them moved to avoid problems reducing runway capacity or would this have something to do with insurance reasons?? - send the old bill down to take some photos etc..?

edited - or maybe the article is just out of date? :ok:

5th Aug 2008, 18:33
OMG! I have just had to change the radio station because it infuriated me when this stupid woman (news reader) on Manchester Key 103 said "2 planes have collided on the runway at manchester airport" :*

5th Aug 2008, 18:56
5 Live reported this afternoon that "....the aircraft collided whilst taxiing on the ground...." Thank God they didn't collide whilst taxiing on short finals or climb out :ugh:

Strangely, no mention as yet of the valiant crew avoiding the school, old people home or hospital as they careered along the taxiway at 4mph.:mad:

5th Aug 2008, 19:07
I'm not at all surprised about this, Seen many a 'near miss' over the years.

MAN getting too saturated now, ATC trying to squeeze too many slots in.

And that's when mistakes/accidents happen, And combined with some flights in a rush to get away.

Not implying that these 2 aircraft were in a rush, But when the heat is on there are greater chances of accidents.

Could do with a 'bridge taxiway' over 23R for 23L departures.

5th Aug 2008, 19:19
Here (http://de.babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?doit=done&tt=url&intl=1&fr=bf-res&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.welt.de%2Fvermischtes%2Farti2289363%2 FLufthansa-Airbus_von_anderem_Flugzeug_gerammt.html&lp=de_en&btnTrUrl=%C3%9Cbersetzen) is the translated (by Babel Fish) Page from the german "Welt online"

5th Aug 2008, 19:56
"The airport remains fully operational and there are no delays as a result of the incident, he added. "

Tell that to the pax on the 10 diverts into LPL alone and those waiting for the outbounds at MAN !

Spin doctors still rule OK.

5th Aug 2008, 20:21
A couple of pictures,



Brewster Buffalo
5th Aug 2008, 21:18
Lufthansa stationary on link Juliet Alpha with the Futura behind heading into link Juliet 1???

See picture on bbc site

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Two planes in airport collision (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/7543241.stm)

aerodrome chart


5th Aug 2008, 21:26
As the incident occurred on the ground, where ATC ASSIST in preventing collisions, then I take umbrage at your post assuming that the collision occurred due to ATC "trying to squeeze too many slots in"
- especially as you qualify it with that you were not suggesting that that the AIRCRAFT were not in a rush.

And also that you think some sort of "bridge" should be built over 23R in order for 23L deps to taxi over?!! That statement beggars belief - how on earth are the inbound aircraft supposed to land over a B747 or indeed any other aircraft taxi-ing over the bridge over the arrival runway????:ugh:

And - by the way - I believe this occurred during 23R single runway ops - so how was your mythical bridge taxiway going to help exactly?

Get a grip


5th Aug 2008, 21:28

the map doesn't show you the taxiway c/lines.

twy juliet splits just at JA.

Straight on is juliet sierra, you turn right to JA or continue straight on to rejoin juliet just before J1.

Juliet goes left into the "passing bay" area where J2 is the CAT111 holding point.

slip and turn
5th Aug 2008, 22:07
When I was a kid (some decades ago) two well-knarled thirty year experienced tractor boys well known as regulars in the village pub (each with a newish Fordson tractor - one with white mudguards and one with blue) took years to live down the fact that they had managed a head-on collision whilst ploughing adjacent lands in the same forty acre field.

At LEZG the other evening I watched a 747 freighter taxy on to the massive apron and get into a hell of a pickle working out which way round to park in the vicinity of the two (only) other (passenger) aircraft - I was given to looking directly up his/her four jetpipes at one point and thought of the TopGear jet blast experiment amongst other things...YouTube - top gear- Jetblast (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLfHkh7Xw9M) but il ou elle sensibly kept the taps on a low setting for this one at Zaragoza ...

Anyway, just prior to that I could swear his/her starboard wingtip had got perilously close to going over the port wing of one of the two lesser aircraft, but then I was relatively safely inside the terminal building swallowing a beer and was just marvelling at what kind of Aena ground control could cause such kit to be doing tyre scraunching incomplete figures of eight in the only congested corner of continuous, level, hard, quite new concrete out of about a hundred vacant hectares of the stuff right outside the terminal window.

I am afraid some people sometimes just fail to bound their actions, do dumb things, some of which go unnoticed and some of which don't, and no amount of after the event analysis is going to teach us a lot about avoiding it or them for the future...but if I remember correctly it was only one San Miguel so could have been small beer in my case :ouch:

5th Aug 2008, 22:13
Have heard from Chris Er Yates Er Not Sure What To Say Er So Will Er Make Something Up Er Em Er

5th Aug 2008, 22:38
Are you an idiot that wondered in from the pub? Never post pissed!

5th Aug 2008, 22:52
Looks like the 738 came off worse. Nothing on the A320 a bit of speed tape won't fix. Germany 1 Spain Nil....

slip and turn
5th Aug 2008, 22:58
I think not Rainboe ... I don't generally inhabit pubs, because an occasional small beer suffices. I will admit to two cups of Earl Grey only this evening, thanks very much for your observation.

I guess I must just be the idiot that still reads your caustic offerings, but unless directed at me, just pass on by, merely raising my eyebrows higher than yours when you snort and scrape in the dirt at that merest hint of what it is that passes as a red rag in your undoubtedly complex mind ... :bored:

But back to the thread - is there really anything to be learned except by the complex minds wot did it? :p

5th Aug 2008, 23:34
Maybe it will get them to sort out the taxiways and charts at MAN, its just awkward in that place.
Nice simple taxi like EHAM is what is needed.

Chris Scott
6th Aug 2008, 00:21
Quote from reverserunlocked:
Looks like the 738 came off worse. Nothing on the A320 a bit of speed tape won't fix. Germany 1 Spain Nil....

Hmmm, not so sure about that. That moving APU inlet is going to need more than speed tape before they can start the APU again. Aren't those wing-tip extensions (or whatever Mr Boeing calls them) relatively easy to replace?

Still, at least it appears Swampy didn't have anything to do with it.

slip and turn, what makes you think Rainboe was getting at you anyway? [No need to acknowledge.]

6th Aug 2008, 00:37
Chris Scott,
Me too, I thought you just took off them winglet thingies, made an entry in the log ("see MEL") and that settled it.

6th Aug 2008, 09:49
More for reverserunlocked:The picture aboved only shows the exit wounds on the Lufthansa A320. As the Futura winglets entered in to the LH A320 tail it was about four feet taler, and that is over halfway up the tail barrel. Even Gaffer tape can't fix that.