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19th Jun 2008, 14:01
Look at what the DGCA now proposes to do


Comments invited pls

The Sandman
19th Jun 2008, 14:31
Sounds like the most sensible thing the DGCA has recently proposed.

19th Jun 2008, 14:38
Looks entirely reasonable to me.

19th Jun 2008, 15:06
Entirely sensible

19th Jun 2008, 15:22
Is this really PPrune ? With all the agreement displayed just above here there must be doubt !

But is it really sensible ? Is it really reasonable ?

A co pilot will need at least 4000 hours of flying of which 2000 hours should be jet experience

How many F/O's on UK charter airlines would meet these requirements ?
I know many Boeing and Airbus F/O's with well under 1000 hours total time, and even less on the jet types. Many UK charter companies are considering their guys for command courses when they get as far as 4000 hours.

Where and how will future Indian F/O's get the experience it seems they are going to need ?

ray cosmic
19th Jun 2008, 15:31
..now this must create a shortage on experienced co-pilots.. interested to see how that develops!

19th Jun 2008, 15:42
With the latest market forecasts on airline futures could be that a few experienced captains might be glad of one of those jobs to carry them over !

19th Jun 2008, 16:16
'Tis all very simple.
Indian First Officers would be restricted to routes within India, when they accumulated the requisite flying hours, they would then be available for international flying.
In the meantime, ex-pat First Officers would be recruited, with the required flying hours/experience, to operate international sectors, in the meantime.
Of course, these ex-pat F/O's would be paid a premimum over their Indian counterparts...and the inland revenue authorities in India would thus collect larger tax revenues.

Everybody wins!:E

19th Jun 2008, 16:33
Nothing surprises... they waste all their time coming up with illogical "rules" and finally lose the battle in the courts... earlier example is the FDTL rules.

Most of these rules are engineered by the vested interests who have questionable reasons for trying to espouse this. Why don't they apply the same rules to international airlines coming into India?

19th Jun 2008, 16:33
Someone in India that can confirm it? Need something even almost official that could be used to comment better. Hope to receive an answer to this request, since newspapers all around the globe get their original sources and then comment according to their particular interests. Is it different in India?

Agreeing with 411A, low timers would fly inside India, and experienced ones the international sectors, then showing a better image to ICAO and other counterparts. You know, you can do as a national regulatory body whatever you like inside your country, but not internationally.

tom booze
19th Jun 2008, 17:37
Sounds great,150hrs cadets should gain some idea of line flying on turbo-props etc and slowly move up to larger aircraft.Would you want to know that your f/o has only 150hrs,some i have meet cant take the weather down correctly.

19th Jun 2008, 17:39
Except they are also banning ex-pats from operating Indian aircraft. Quickly resulting therefore in pilot shortages, and the continued dominance of legacy, state-owned airlines over more efficient private enterprise.

Now that is not the result that you would have preferred is it now, 411A. Bloated state carriers over efficient private carriers?

As pointed out by many before, 200hr cadets have operated very safely for many years in a huge variety of airlines, from BOAC/BA and Cathay to easyJet and Air France - KLM, all safely gaining extensive operating experience in large jets from day 1, with excellent training behind them and excellent colleagues from whom to learn.

The problem occurs only when incapable, undertrained cadets are recruited, operating with inexperienced captains.

19th Jun 2008, 18:24
dont see any logic in that.

Especially if you read in context with


That means no cpt will want to move to widebody bcoz it means 1500 hrs as p2....

19th Jun 2008, 22:06
:ugh::ugh::{:{:{:= Typical, nothing will ever change in India.:ugh::ugh::ugh::mad::mad:

1st Jul 2008, 06:21

This is the latest news on the widebody requirements.

Airlines win pilot battle (http://www.business-standard.com/common/news_article.php?autono=327219&leftnm=3&subLeft=0&chkFlg=)

Captain Wonderful
1st Jul 2008, 06:58
Since when did anyone have an ATPL with 150hrs? 150hrs min to 4000hrs?? What are they talking about, It s a bit early in the morning here but i seem to be missing everything!

1st Jul 2008, 07:07
The is nothing wrong with seemingly low time pilots getting into the seat of jets IF the training systems, protocols and culture exists within the airline. Singapore Airlines and CX have done it well and continue to do so. Pilots not making the grade are scrubbed, as it should be.

In India, this is definitely NOT the case. Book smart, yes, but from my experience with their national carrier the flying skils are just not there.

Whatever the DGCA proposes now or in the future will only ever be a smoke screen for the real truth. Exemptions to every rule are made due "operation needs" or plain old fashioned corruption and bribery, which again is more than ripe and systemic to getting anything done in that country.

Expats? No, not the answer. They / we are not wanted and treated with distain at every turn. Most of those I know still there are looking to get out purely due to the way things are done, how they are treated and the pure ignorance to any form of professional standards.

Until some serious cultural change in Indian airlines occurs, there lies more CAT ahead....

1st Jul 2008, 07:31
Good for DGCA:). Most pilots on the Kingfisher widebody are totally inexperienced on the International routes....let alone, not sure they would even pass a level 4 English. Mallya and his clowns around him, turned this airline into a CIRCUS:eek: AIRLINES. His BIG :mad: ego is going to kill this airline...just wait and see. Within a year of start of International....All his routes are covered..there is NO true demand for seats....Just total EGO trip. ONLY thing will be to SELL or SHUTDOWN this cash loosing cow.

Ground: Kingfisher 000, gate 5, request push and start for San Fran...TOTAL SOB on board: 135...:ok:

1st Jul 2008, 09:05
As DGCA is trying to become JAR compliant it needs to leave the responsibility of deciding who does and doesnt fly wide body to the airlines and the assessors in the airlines,

Nobody is going to give such an expensive aircraft into the hands of an incompetent....

After that if the assessors of the airline feel that such person needs more training than they are free to make him fly any amount as co pilot.

KF 320 seems to have got his a@@@@ taken some time..

Fly safe