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28th Mar 2001, 13:50
once again we have been sold out by our company council. GB have announced the massive pay rise of 4%! we are all flying flat out carrying full loads (except for Nantes)but the cc accept this sort of rise. We have also been told that now that all the cc and most of the trainers (out of seniority) have gone onto the Airbus the rest of us will not be going to Toulouse when we convert to the Airbus but doing it at Heathrow. The latest rumour is that not only has the company PHI scheme has fallen over yet again, but that they are also not going to pay out the Loss of Licence to a pilot who has lost his licence on medical grounds. A recent letter has talked of lots of new commands coming up later this year, but who can trust or believe anything the company say? Take note anyone who might be thinking of joining GB. Though anyone wanting to get a 737/A320 rating and experience there should be plenty of vacancies coming up!

29th Mar 2001, 02:55
Just to play devil's advocate, and to quote one of our colleagues (and make me chuckle!) - 'The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but this is probably because the guy on the other side of the fence is putting more s**t on the it!'

Good Luck...

29th Mar 2001, 14:54
Perhaps instead of moaning you would be better standing for the cc and giving lots of you own free time for no reward. The cc are only as good as the support it gets and in GB with so many private deals "will fly over the agreed hours" etc etc what do you expect. The cc have abided by the agreement from last year the question is will the company do the same in future years if the increase is much higher?
I don't think th cc have any input if the management decide it is cheaper to carry out Airbus training inhouse rather than in Toulouse.
The problems with the PHI and LOL are worrying but I understand the cc has tokd the company from the start that the PHI was not suitable for pilots, this may be of help should the matter end up in yet another court case for GB (do GB hold any records regarding the number of lost court cases against them?), fortunately the pilot involved is a member of BALPA as his total legal fees for his claims against GB, are likely to exceed alternative legal insurance cover limits.
Maybe if the pilots within GB were not so ready to extend their duties, work on days off, do extra flying hours, etc then the cc might have more leverage.
There are a couple of other sayings that spring to mind
god helps those who help themselves
if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
put up or shut up

Rumours everywhere
29th Mar 2001, 19:40
I am absolutely appauled by this years' pay award... yet again the CC sought the opinions of its members on the offer (phuhh)! Instead, they thought it was good enough for them, so took it, and sod the rest of us. If the CC want protest, then everyone leave BALPA... maybe then we will get some motivation from those who CAN make a difference if only they try.

Anyhow, what happened to Easyjet and Ryanair from the tracker deal?? I thought that these were who the company always compared us against, or is it just convenience again as Ryanair had such a boost this year??

Life sucks at GB... nice to see people are talking with their feet... another reinactment of a few years ago.

It's amazing how much you can cost a company in the meantime though with fuel wasteage etc.

See you on the line!!

2nd Apr 2001, 12:51
In case you didn't know the cc get the same pay as the rest of the pilots, so the increase is just as low for them as everyone else, however what the cc do get is a lot of extra unpaid work in their own time.
What a great idea everyone leave BALPA then the company can do what they like without any fear of legal action.
As for the tracker, get someone to read the tracker deal to you, Ryanair and Easy are not in the list of companies as at the time their salaries were so low that they would have reduced the pay deal last year. perhaps the list needs to be changed so if you would like to say which low salaried companies that might get a big pay rise next year (to bring them in line with others in the industry) you would like to be tracked against just tell your cc.
Do you really think the company would notice how much fuel you waste and associate it with a low pay rise?
The big outcry against the pay rise has no doubt been as underwhelming as the company expected. GB knows that most of its pilots will moan to each other or on pprune and then will do what ever the company asks, extending duties, flying overtime, notes on ops/crewing rosters "on leave - will fly if needed", "will fly over agreed hours" etc etc. Not exactly good ammunition for the cc to fight with is it???

Iron Hen
2nd Apr 2001, 21:50
The management know 4% aint enough as they have plans to recruit another lot of 'temporary' Captains later this year to replace all of you leaving!

Must fly!

3rd Apr 2001, 13:24
I guess if they are quick enough some of the Virgin Express Ir guys might be desperate enough, but later this year? at their recent attempt asking various agencies for type rated F/Os they were offered a massive 1!!!

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5th Apr 2001, 00:11
Do GB pilots have a BA staff number?

el llanito
5th Apr 2001, 00:26

5th Apr 2001, 00:43
I'll take that as a no then!

Jim Kirk
5th Apr 2001, 01:42
Blended winglets

Wots a BA staff number got to do with this?

You sound like a typical BA egoist with no life!

Rumours everywhere
5th Apr 2001, 01:47
Yes we do have BA staff numbers, but purely for payroll purposes.... but what that has to do with the price of fish I don't know.

Iron Hen
5th Apr 2001, 02:20
I hear lots of hunky Virgin guys have already been in contact - can't wait to see them in the flesh!
I bet the FOs come to GB and the Caps go to Orangeland or GO.

Must fly!

5th Apr 2001, 12:32
I don't know what the interest is in BA staff numbers but the staff numbers are GB staff numbers and are in different forms. Some of the pilots and cabin crew who joined early on are quite different to others.
There is no option to transfer across to BA, otherwise there would not be anyone left!!

5th Apr 2001, 12:40
From where I'm standing 4% looks a lot better than our 3.5% !

Rumours everywhere
5th Apr 2001, 15:48
Well it is obvious that the so called tracker scheme is NOT working... from what I hear the tracker rates are those as at 1st April, and as a few of the tracker airlines have not finalised their pay negotiations, the base salary is LAST years 1st year Capt's scale. No doubt in my mind that the company won't be upping the pay award when the other airlines set their pay for the year.

Personally, BALPA should have put it to ballot.

LC... "what the cc do get is a lot of extra unpaid work in their own time"... maybe they should give up then, as their time is obviously wasted, together with our subscriptions!

6th Apr 2001, 23:23
I've heard that the company have just signed for an extra A321 over and above the original order for delivery early 2001-any comments?

roger the ramjet
7th Apr 2001, 00:42
Once again the lies of old Slippery Bill burst forth.

Virgin Atlantic A320 pilots have just been given a 15% pay rise. Their company put in 14% into the pension fund and a year one Captain's salary starts at 64,000!

So take that! Anyone that believes a word Slippery Bill says needs their heads read.

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7th Apr 2001, 03:27
Ah yes, Roger, but come Oct 2001, these A320 captains will be A340/Jumbo skippers........

7th Apr 2001, 11:47
Rumours everywhere - "from what I hear..." if you actualy work for GB as a pilot, then you would have received all the details of the tracker and would be able to read them yourself. Yes it is last years salaries as that is all that is known until much later in the year but then the cost of living is added. As for your other comments without the CC there would have been no Bonus scheme in the past leading on to the tracker, little other benefits, lots more disciplinaries etc. try actualy reading the new SLD especially the section on the 2 hour block window regarding roster changes, all negotiated by the cc. The cc have also not yet stopped talking about the pay for this year! (the extra 2 days off will not have any effect on next years tracker increase).
With elections coming up you will be able to put your money where your mouth is and stand for election, unless you just want to continue sitting on it.

9th Apr 2001, 00:32
I understand direct entry contract A320 Captains are being sought.Is this because there are no f/os who meet the command criteria , or have some captains given notice to leave?

What are the conditions , take home pay ,number of days off a month . Are the training department trappers .

Have any contract pilots ever been given permanent contracts.

I wonder if anyone would consider GB as a good operation to work for compared to GO/EASY/RYANAIR

Big Dog's
9th Apr 2001, 01:48
I can't believe thay are going to do this when BALPA and the management agreed not to......

That's promotion down the tubes then!

Anyone else happy about this at GB?

What are the cc going to do about it?

9th Apr 2001, 02:05
First I'd like to say I'm not familiar with the troubles at GB but from this thread I can assume there are some very important issues that need rectifying.

The reason I didn't think there was a problem is I fly on GB quite often between LGW and AGP and have always found everything to be perfect.

If GB airlines can operate to such a level (in my opinion) with the behind the scenes adversity going well, then, everyone of you deserves to be put on a par with BA.

What I'm trying to say is you must be real professionals, as your attitudes don't show through to the customer, and for that I thank you.

I will be on Flt 6981 on the 16th, AGP/LGW, and I usually try to sit in seat 1C.

Any PPruners on this flight feel free to stop by for a chat.

Keep up the good work, and I sincerely hope you all get the recognition from the company that you deserve.

Big Dog's
11th Apr 2001, 12:21
Does no one at GB actually care about this then?

It's no wonder the management think they can get away with anything when all we do is jsut roll over and play deads!

I would be very interested to hear what people really think about the prospect of more direct entry skippers being recruited. I am aware that by me saying this they are getting some free advertising as well.

Still, I suppose most of you are busy filling out your BA and Virgin application forms (not to mention GO and Easyjet as well), so you don;t have time for this. Don't blame you either.........is theree anyone out there?

Billy the Kid
11th Apr 2001, 21:12
In principle the tacker system sounds like a good idea. Where I work the opposite sytem was employed, you wait till everyone leaves then up the money. Chaos till crew levels restored.

Would any one like to comment on what a First Officer at GB is likely to take-home at the end of the month???

Iron Hen
12th Apr 2001, 01:29
From what I hear in the crew bus FOs get about 2500 a month and Cap's about 1000 more, which is a LOT more than any of us down the back! (not compalainin, but you asked). Seen the latest GB seniority list which says 5 FOs are working their notice out so the list is already out of date. Bet its even more optimistic than they think as my boyfriends off to Virgin in August and he hasnt resigned yet!

Milk Run
12th Apr 2001, 02:30
Well all this just reminds me of last year at GB. The moaning and continual calls for everyone to leave and go off in search of the greater pay check. Alot of guy and gals at GB are being S**t upon, and from my vantage point, it really sucks. But lets remember, easy offered big recently, and where as it was used as a threat, not many went. I hope conditions improve for all of us there, but while we all look for new pastures green, lets try not to rip the rather good operational side of the outfit apart. We all get by, just. All I can say is if you want to see a real s**thole of an existance, trying looking over at the corner of your crew room, where 9 poor bastards take it in the neck for 12 hours, listening to hundreds of people wander into their little corner moaning about the cc, money, slipery bill, and just about anything. Best of luck in your fight guys, I know how hard you lot work, but show some respect from time to time.

12th Apr 2001, 20:17
I understand there were FIVE GB pilots at the recent EMIRATES interviews , thats a lot for a little airline . Three were captains .

Now what about a direct entry command at the Beehive then??