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4th Oct 2007, 11:23
The EAG company ILS Approach Chart for RWY 28 at LSZH says: „Uncategorized ILS Approach RWY 28 due to RWY Type. Non- Instrument RWY“.
What does the word Uncategorized mean. What is so special for RWY 28 at LSZH?
I know it has been a Non Precision Approach before, but the RWY has Centerline Lights, PAPI 3.3degrees and an Approachlight System.

Thridle Op Des
4th Oct 2007, 15:10
Purely a guess, but maybe it is something to do with the regular "Glide Slope" GPWS warnings on this approach, even though the aircraft is tracking the correct angle.



4th Oct 2007, 15:37
"uncategorized" means it doesn't fit into the Cat I, II and III classification system. The reason is that it has one or more parameters different to one of these categories.

In the named case it is obviously the steeper glide slope, thus the higher minimum. Reason for the G/S are obstacles.


4th Oct 2007, 23:11

I don't have access to the chart, can you give us the LSZH ils GS angle and higher minimums?

And what is the maximum the GS can be then before it is categorized as "uncategorized".

Mister Geezer
4th Oct 2007, 23:18
I was asking the same question recently!

I found this Swiss AIC helpful.


Hope this will help!

5th Oct 2007, 07:27
was installed due to many complaints that whenever the weather was bad, or at night the Germans would not permit the overflights on the other ILS runways.
So traffic was forced to land on 28.
Thus the ILS was installed.
But to call it UNCAT is a new one on me, so can we see a rash of UNCAT ILS's. Most ILS's in smaller Swiss airports have several complications, so perhaps they should introduce a new cat "Cat 0".

5th Oct 2007, 11:59
Geezer's link mentions that

"At Zurich Airport, "UNCAT" has been employed for the ILS runway 28 due to physical characteristics of the aerodrome infrastructure (e.g. runway strip width, distance from TWY A and B to runway centre line, location of runway holding positions) and obstacle clearance after passing the approach minimum down to the landing threshold 28 (dimension and slope of the Annex 14 obstacle limitation surfaces)."

Does the chart specify what the deviation from a standard ICAO ils is? After all, in minimum visibility, it would be nice to know where and how high these obstacles are. And whether the "uncat" designation due to infrastructure is simply because a taxiway is closer to the runway that permitted....

12th Oct 2007, 09:00
no no, it's the other way around. Because it is not standard (obstacles, G/S angle, runway layout, lights etc), the minimum has to be lifted. And as soon as an ILS is not 200/550 anymore, it's not a CAT I anymore. It's pretty simple. "Uncategorized" means simply: Neighter Cat I, II or III. It's not a category itself, they just want to tell you that it's not 200/550.

If it's further away from standards, like in LUG, Swiss Authorities and other renamed it to an IGS, meaning it's not a precision approach at all anymore, although everything is there: ILS, Loc, G/S, approach lights, runway.