View Full Version : TOLD Data Cards--Yes or No?

galaxy flyer
17th Nov 2006, 01:56
The mob I'm with recently introduced data cards. Corporate operation, yes, but what do most airlines do for data cards when the plane has FMS-derived, AFM-compliant performance data electronically posted to the PFD?

Do you use paper cards or not?

If so, how complicated? Ours includes just about everything concerning the departure--including Flight Log times, WX, and Fuel Onboard and Uplifted.

17th Nov 2006, 03:43
Ours includes just about everything concerning the departure

Might not that defeat the prime purpose of an easy to locate spot providing the critical safety related data for the movement ?

Dream Land
17th Nov 2006, 04:46
My current operation does not use, a previous operation used a laminated flip card system.

17th Nov 2006, 06:14
Many carriers use a takeoff data card that has far too much info on it, it seemingly includes even the kitchen sink.

Keep it simple.

Runway selected.

The latter is rather important.
PanAmerican came a cropper at KSFO with a last minute runway change, years ago...not good.:(

17th Nov 2006, 06:22
We use small TOLD cards on all aircraft regardless of FMS configuration. Data inserted is as mentioned by 411A.


17th Nov 2006, 07:41
No, not using any TOLD cards.