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13th Nov 2006, 08:53
Hy. Any ideea where I can find described the ICAO 'lost communications procedure" on the net?

13th Nov 2006, 09:26
A search on Google came up with



Might be better to ask in ATC Issues

Hope they help

Bigwings :)

13th Nov 2006, 18:18
Actually there are some differences between FAA and ICAO procedures,and I would like to read the ICAO notes.
I would like to know,if in case of lost communications during cruise flight ,for ex flying at FL 360 with a flight plan filled at 380 ,one is expected to climb at 380.What if the filled FP is with FL340,are you expected to descend?
I've been reading the GOL crash topic,and thinking about this.Anyway,next week I'll be in the office,and have a look through the Jepp.