View Full Version : Pan or Mayday calls

13th Nov 2006, 04:33
Anyone care to give a few practical examples of both a Pan-Pan call and a Mayday call?
Remember, we are all watching/listening to you. You get this wrong= YOU ARE A "WOESSIE" !!!!! :E :E

13th Nov 2006, 08:39
Here's mine:

Heard on 121.5 over the Atlantic last year:

"Anyone got the Redsock's score":eek:

Brian Fantana
14th Nov 2006, 13:10
A few thoughts for what warrants a Mayday:
Any fire/fumes, depressurisation, double hydraulics failure, engine failure (2 eng a/c) double generator failure (2 eng a/c) and anytime the aircraft is uncontrollable.
You can always downgrade from Mayday to Pan!