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22nd Oct 2005, 15:06
Hello !

I'd like to know is someone knows where I can finnd the new 737 checklists...

Are checklists the same for 737-300 and 737-900 ?

Thanks a lot

22nd Oct 2005, 15:30

check http://www.b737.org.uk/nnp.htm (link given in another thread about bleeds and packs anyway).
Don't know about NG's...

25th Oct 2005, 05:18
Having just looked through Chris' excellent site I just wanted to ask waht exactly the check item "RECALL.................CHECKED" refers to?


25th Oct 2005, 13:14
Just to expand on something that AFSKAP mentioned. 'To Recall of any cancelled Master Caution warnings'. Basically if you have any yellow caution light on anywhere in the flight deck (except the forward panel, coz thats where your eyes are) then pressing recall will illuminate the system that has a problem. Useful at TOD when you have had a problem en-route as a reminder and also after start when a system may not have been set correctly (cue yaw damper or something similar...)

26th Oct 2005, 14:55
Even when crews become familiar with the revised procedures I'll bet that there will be an awful lot of missed items with the new Boeing policy. It may be touted by Boeing as a Good Thing but the concept will reveal there are significant hidden disadvantages. Arming the autothrottle system after start is not only unnecessary but has the potential for disaster if someone accidently touches the TOGA buttons. Why do you think Boeing left the AT Arm until approaching the runway in the first place?