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1st May 2001, 20:32
Watching the airline program begs me to ask one question..

Do easyjet offer any training to their ground staff (or read avaition)... ?

as an ex-svpr with another airline if i ever spoke to customers the way any of the easy staff featured on the program.. we would have been sacked a long time ago....

1st May 2001, 20:55
G-skip - Our ground handling staff are,almost without exception,barely trained. In fact they are barely literate.They get away with being confrontational,arrogant,rude and aggressive because they are `not made accountable for their actions. Why? Blameless culture!
Sooner EZY pull the plug on this dreadful program the better!!

1st May 2001, 20:55
The whole point of the program is beyond me anyway, since half of the show depicts passengers being p'd off because EZ's flights are delayed or something else is wrong. Surely that can't be positive advertising? :)

1st May 2001, 21:13
Personally, I find it dull & repetetive....

I suppose the only reason we PPRuNer's watch it, and the equally ghastly 'Airport' at all, is for the v. occasional flightdeck/ATC bits.

Obviousley progs like this are BS!!!!

How many times do you see verbal barneys in the terminal on your visits?
It's prob 10 mins out of 0000's of hours of videotape that gets shown!!

Anyway, it was better when Tony Robinson did the narration......... :) :)

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1st May 2001, 21:51
The way they were speaking to PAX last night was just rediculous. I work in customer service in a different industry. I'd love to come in and show some of those folks at EZY how things should be done.

There may be a blameless culture, ok but generally PAX appreciate and accept the truth when you give it.

Glad to see they gave Natalia the push. Nice looking girl but she obviously had no future on the front line.


1st May 2001, 23:15
The point of the programme from easyjet perspective is 30 mins free prime time advertising every week. Think what this would cost to buy.

The price for easyjet is showing it warts and all but if you watch closely most of the time angry passenger comes accross as a bit of a prat and airline generally comes accross as making it pretty much work.

cheap cheerful and works pretty well. BA would love an opportunity to put this message over weekly free of charge

1st May 2001, 23:31
"BA would love an opportunity to put this message over weekly free of charge"

You reckon!! They made the mistake of letting the BBC film the airline in 1988 on 'Airline'. They managed to slag the Pilots and airline off to no end!!

...Still have the video for a rainy day!

2nd May 2001, 00:22
I think the point the smiling Greek is trying to make with this program is a simple one.

If you turn up late you won't get on. Don't try and blame anything but yourself - because you still won't get on.

Why won't you get on - the Captain said so - that's what is said on every program.

Anyone from the Orange camp willing to say that this is the case - my guess is that you're not even consulted about 'runners'.


2nd May 2001, 00:38
Well say what you like it's working....
How many people now know of easyjet? good or bad, it's Virgin (Branson) type media manipulation at it's best...
Oh my god even I am at it now http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

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Top Loadie
2nd May 2001, 01:00
I think part of the reason that the staff are confrontational, rude...etc is due to the cameras being there. When the camera turns to some of the desk staff I'm sure I can see the brain-to-mouth filter go u/s and you get this stream of nonsense as they aren't thinking about what they are saying any more.They're thinking about the camera and if their mates will see them on tv (the "hello mum syndrome").
Andy Warhol said that everyone would get their 15 minutes of fame. But then he didn't account for Jeremy (Airport) Spake or Jane (Cruise Ship) McDonald!!!

The Groover
2nd May 2001, 03:05
That Jane Bolton minx could talk to me anyway she wanted.

The Grooooover
Answers on a postcard as to her inspiration for getting those white streaks in her hair done fnaar fnaar !!!!!!

alpha charlie
2nd May 2001, 03:19
Orangewing, oh master of the two winged race.
(your profile says it all!)

Remember that you see only a fraction of what EZY is about on this program, and only that part which makes good telly. Your disparaging comments about EZY handling staff are both ill informed and frankly insulting to many of the well qualified and careing members of the handling team who do not appear on telly.

2nd May 2001, 04:37
I've flown EZY many times through Liverpool and Luton, and I have to say that I don't find the ground staff particularly friendly or helpful (or bright). Then again, I've flown on many airlines, and only Cathay have ever made much of a good impression on me.

The problem, you see is that non-flying airline jobs seem to make a lot of people into prima donnas. Ground staff and cabin crew. They develop this swagger that says 'I'm in aviation - who are you?'. And that p**ses me off no end.

Obviously I should point out (before the onslaught begins) that I've met a few good exceptions along the way. But it really does seem that many people in these positions are second only to nightclub doorman when it comes to attitude and smug self-assuredness.

It's a fashionable career, I guess.

I shall batten down the hatches on my ears right now....

Flap 5
2nd May 2001, 13:17
Ah alpha charlie, but what of the ones we do see? There are a number of business men in the program who will not be flying easy again. There are many more watching the program who easy will never see. I would have thought that if the ground staff knew they were being filmed they would be extra careful, not less so.

WDTBD, Indeed the Captain can get asked. In my experience they try their best to be helpful. If they can not allow the passenger on it is always because of slot time or other pressures. Therefore the final decision almost never rests with the Captain.

From where I was sitting watching the program the ground staff came across as just being bloody minded as it seemed that the aifcraft was still waiting on the ground, but then you rarely get the whole picture from these programs.

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You splitter
2nd May 2001, 14:37

Let me get this straight are you saying that non-flying staff in airlines are prima donna's.
Have you never flown jumpseat!?! :)

I have to admit that I have only ever seen a few minutes of this program. However based on what I have witnessed I believe it isn't doing that much harm. It may be old but theres no such thing as bad publicity.
Is there?

2nd May 2001, 15:52
Allegedly, in the days when you could book an easySeat on the good old dog and bone, there was a large red 'calls in queue' indicator on the wall in the telesales centre, showing how many potential purchasers were waiting. This normally hovered around the 6 or 7 mark. Immediately 'Airline' finished screening, this shot up into the hundreds!

Apparently any publicity (especially free publicity) is good publicity!

2nd May 2001, 16:03
I wouldn't fly with 'em though! :) Hehe..

2nd May 2001, 16:33
As mentioned earlier in this thread Natalia was always going to be a disaster on the front line. When watching the program the week before during her interview my thoughts were ‘No Way Give This Girl A Job’ .She came over to me as self-congratulatory, in no way a team player and unlikely to want to get her hands dirty at the ‘coal face’. Imagine then my surprise when the muppets conducting the interview not only couldn’t wait to offer her a job but were predicting great things for her future in Management. Just shows that even an old aeroplane driver like me can be right some times!
( He said in a very self-congratulatory way. )

Irish Steve
3rd May 2001, 01:46
OK, so this makes me a classic candidate for an anorak, but has anyone else noticed that the aircraft departing in the title sequence is not EZ, it's an FR 73-2?? :) :) :)

At least it means that either EZ don't have editorial control, or no one from EZ watches the programme that closely http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

LTN man
3rd May 2001, 09:57
The bottom line is that this programme has made easyJet a household name. I would guess that if you asked Joe Public to name a UK airline easyJet would follow BA but would be ahead of the likes of BM. I think easyJet are flying over 6 million passengers a year which isn’t bad for a company that is only 6 years old.

3rd May 2001, 15:21
Got to say that when I flew EZY with a large group of friends to Madrid last month, two of whom had booked outward flights for the previous day in error the ground staff were all very helpful and courteous, and as there was space on the plane, let them fly with no extra charges.

I was v surprised but quite impressed

4th May 2001, 00:11
Irish Steve:

You get the anorak award, but do you also notice that the graphic for the commercial break shows a twin-engined plane making 4 contrails..?

sad, eh?

Mr Gorsky
4th May 2001, 16:56
I've traveled with Easyjet out of luton on several occasions and have generally been treated well except on the last flight I made.

I enquired with the member of staff on the desk in the departure lounge as to the reason for the delay and how long it was likely to be and was to that they didn't know and I should sit down and shut up!

I appreciate she may have been having a bad day but I wasn't impolite at all in the way I asked!

I guess at the end of the day it just depends on the individual you speak to.

5th May 2001, 06:34
""and was to that they didn't know and I should sit down and shut up!""
this apparently is quite the common way that they speak to their passengers
a friend of mine, sitting at the gate in GLA, went up before his row was called forward during boarding, apparently he couldn't understand the announcement, he was told to sit back down again or else !
when he compained about this 18 yr old girls attitude, she then called the police and he was escorted out of the airport by 2 police oficers
police told him that that was getting very common and happened at least twice a day
who do these people think they are ?
have they never heard of the word service ???

5th May 2001, 12:02
It's a bit like this;
What's your idea of a nice meal, a restaurant with proper and courteous service and good food, or a mixed kabab in a pitta bread?????

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5th May 2001, 17:43
Low cost should not mean no courtesy. I am sure that we only see the problems on TV, but even so I find it incredible that so many inarticulate, bolshy and just plain dumb people can all work for one organisation. I don't know the rates of remuneration for ground staff at EZY, but all I can think of is: "Pay Peanuts, you get Monkeys."

"Take-off is optional, Landing is mandatory"