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17th Oct 2001, 23:35
I'm trying to help a friend find out about Odyssey International Airlines, I think a Canadian Charter Operator in the late 80's.
HAs anyone got any info on this outfit they could share?


The Guvnor
17th Oct 2001, 23:40
Yes, they were based in YYZ and operated 757s with a fairly attractive livery. Belonged to a tour operator though I can't remember off-hand who the ultimate owner was. Had quite a decent service.

18th Oct 2001, 02:39
ODDYSSEY were part of a group called Soundair
and operated 3 757s, CGAWB, CFTDL, and, I think, CFNBC. Had a major op thru. NCL using it as a tech-stop from YYZ to Rome, Athens etc. They were another that was dragged down by the woes of the parent company.

18th Oct 2001, 03:37

Formed by SOUNDAIR and commenced operations in 1988.

Was based in Toronto (YYZ) and following the bankrupcy of Soundair, Odysseys assets were transferred to WARDAIR.

Flight designators were OL / ODY.

Did operate through NCL during summer 1989 / 1990, also operating weekly charter flight YYZ-NCL-YYZ,(Worldways did also).

3 B757-28A
C-FNBC - leased from ILFC, became C-GNXC
C-GAWB - leased from ILFC, became C-GNXI
C-GTDL - leased from ILFC, became N911AW

1 B757-27B
PH-AHF was leased from Air Holland

2 B737-3S3
C-FGHQ - (ex G-BNPA, back to G-BNPA)
C-FGHT - (ex G-BNPB, back to G-BNPB)

1 B737-4Y0
C-GTAJ - (ex C-FVNC, became G-UKLB)
and was leased from GPA.

As Guvnor said, known for a good service and well looked after aircraft.


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