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27th Apr 2004, 20:20
Im doing a Thesis on runway incursions and rehjected take offs, although this sounds quite vauge does anybody have any particular areas that they as a pilot see there being a problem and needs looking serious look into. the other thing was does anybody have any idea of airport or airline reporting schemes where i can get some good solid data for this project???
Vik :confused:

non sched
27th Apr 2004, 22:36
Go to google.com and type "runway incursions" in the search window. Tons of stuff there.

27th Apr 2004, 22:48
Runway incursions are a big thing with the UK CAA at the moment, if you contact the CAA Safety Regulation Group, they will be able to give you loads of information.

27th Apr 2004, 22:55
There was an incident at Calgary International (CYYC) a couple of years ago. A student pilot took off on an intersecting runway and forced an A320 to abort take-off. It turns out the student was confused about what the tower had cleared him for. Mixing training traffic with large commercial traffic does have some issues to look at. I learned to fly at CYYC and think it gave me some great experience, but there are definitely some risks that need to be addressed.

This has been a big topic in the US recently and there have been a few articles on AvWeb about it. I'm sure the FAA site would have some information.


28th Apr 2004, 09:25
737 vs Puma at ABZ here (http://www.dft.gov.uk/stellent/groups/dft_avsafety/documents/page/dft_avsafety_501658.hcsp)

Kalium Chloride
29th Apr 2004, 17:43

You might want to study the incursion-related RTO which happened at Naples on the day you posted your question. Good timing.

29th Apr 2004, 20:22
In 1989-1990, the Air Transport Association (ATA) and the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) formed a group to study the RTQ overrun problem. The group was called the RTO Safety Task Force and consisted of airlines, pilot associations, government, regulatory agencies, and airframe manufacturers.
A Training package “the Takeoff Safe Training Aid” was developed.
This is available as video, CD and various paper manuals from NTIS. Boeing operators can download it from myboeingfleet.com

4th May 2004, 15:28
Thanks for all your help guys anyone else out there with there tow bits to say, i talked to the CAA yest. and the guy i spoke to was very helpful ill keep the board upto date so if u wanna know how it turns out in the end keep comin back and youer see. cheers all
Vik. :D