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2nd Apr 2004, 12:02
So, this is my first posting anyways and i go ahead asking a technical question right away :E

I have the opportunity to pilot a nice DC-8 soon but honestly don't know that much about the plane's particulars.

I would greatly appreciate some experienced DC-8 drivers sharing some "nice to know" insights with me, if you don't mind.

Thanx for your support, hayduke :ok:

2nd Apr 2004, 13:16
It's probably a little heavier on the controls than you're used to, especially on the ailerons. With no speedbrakes, flying a good approach takes planning. It doesn't want to slow down until you get flaps 23/25 selected. Plan on 1 NM at idle for each 10 kts. you need to lose.

It's not a "set it and forget it" airplane. Scan, scan and scan again.

I used to say, "It's not a little girl's airplane" until I checked out a 95 lb. female Captain on it. She flys the s*** out of it. Much better than I can!

If nothing else, you'll find it a challenge. Have fun. :D

2nd Apr 2004, 13:48
Thanks, quid. I start getting a picture....

I have searched tru some technical notes and also looked at two accident reports. There have been some issues with the elevator control, not related to any CG problems ?

Shore Guy
3rd Apr 2004, 02:32
Hayduke and all,

A wonderfull airplane. It will let you know in no uncertain terms if you are not flying her well. Look out for the pods, particularly on the '70 series, in a crosswind. Built like a tank.

Check out:


3rd Apr 2004, 05:27
And dont F"K the aircon system. If you do, your friendly ground engineer (me) will slap you around like a red headed child. Have fun.
:} :} :E

4th Apr 2004, 23:15
Thanks guys, appreciate your tips. Will let you know how my first trip went :}