View Full Version : help!!!! A320 and A340 Pilots!!!

20th Jan 2004, 15:38
Howdy all...

I am after some performance figures for a320 and a340 aircraft, like R.O.C and R.O.D just to name a few... i've looked everywhere but can't seem to find what i'm after.. If anyone out there can help, it would be GREATLY appreciated.... TIA...

24th Jan 2004, 03:28
there's no info(Ican recall)in the FCOM's-flt crew op manuals-that stipulate rates o'climb/descent but the flt plan used to show 'top o'climb' about 22 mins after takeoff(sl-33/350),about the same for descent..

25th Jan 2004, 09:25
chhers!! :O thanks...

26th Jan 2004, 05:02
They don't list those numbers. I believe it is because of the variation due to weight. In the 319/320, with A5 engines, climbing with open climb the ROC varies from 500fpm to 3000fpm depending on weight and alt. From S.L. to upper 30's usually takes 18-20 mins. During decent at idle, clean, you typically get 2500-3000fpm.

26th Jan 2004, 11:21
Thanks guys...:ok:

Wouldn't happen to know max crosswind and norm/min/max IAS for climb and descent as well? thanks

27th Jan 2004, 03:02
Been off it a years or so but Max crosswind dry runway is about 38knts?????Climb speed varies with weight from270-320knts:O

28th Jan 2004, 00:04
Climb and descent IAS depend on a variety of factors, but with CI (cost index) of about 30, both climb and descent come in at 300KIAS/M.79.

Take off X-wind limit 29 gusting 38kts
Landing 33 gusting 38kts