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3rd Dec 2003, 23:16
Just wondering if it will be the "Boeing 7E7" or the "Douglas 7E7"?

Or more realistically the "Phantom" as it is looking like nobody will ever see it. :(

4th Dec 2003, 01:44
Cosidering the recent leadership changes including putting Stonecipher at the helm, looks like the McDonnell Douglas takeover of Boeing is now complete!

Early Right
4th Dec 2003, 06:26
Well how about Lookheed 7E7 with anti-gravity engines developed by The Skunk Works:E

Ignition Override
4th Dec 2003, 12:13
You might call it a Douglas.

But if it is full of physically unworkable composite parts and pieces, it will never endure like other Douglas planes. They would then call it a "throwaway plane", as some of our mechanics call the A-320/319. We pay much higher prices for replacement Airbus parts than for Boeing or Douglas parts. If we pay about near double on the streets for a concert or football ticket, we call it "scalping".

Is this proposed "Boeing" design to be based on very light weight composite parts and a goal of short-term operating cost savings, as some other manufacturers have done (reportedly in Brasil, among other places), or will it be built to endure, as the older Convair, Lockheed, Douglas and Boeing aircraft (along with Bae, the Bac 111, Vickers, certain Airbus products etc...) were designed?

Woops-maybe I "let the cat out of the bag" again.:D

Few Cloudy
4th Dec 2003, 15:06
Is the departure of Condit linked to the 767 Tanker deal and its murky background?

Dave Gittins
4th Dec 2003, 20:24
According to the Today Prog on BBC Radio 4 on Wed 4th, Phil Condit's departure was to "draw a line" beneath the tanker affair .... which is apparently on hold until the DoD carry out further investigations.

Iron City
5th Dec 2003, 02:14
Few Cloudy:

It is probably linked to some great extent, to precisely the opposite of a murky background of the tanker buy. It is because the background that appears to be alegedly decidedly shady is out in the bright sunshine taht some one or more must go over the side.

Lets see, the phases of a program are:

wild enthusiasm
abject disillusionment
search for the guilty
punishment of the innicent
praise and honors for the uninvolved

Where is Boeing on this one?