View Full Version : A 320 EFOB refresh rate

manuel ortiz
11th Mar 2002, 00:03
I was asked to forward this Q. to you all . Have fun and show your real Airbus I.Q. folks.. .I don't have detailed answers on this except the A/I FCOM and Honeywell A 320 FMGC pilots guide info which lacks the details he is seeking for.. .. .---------------. .. .START FORWARDING. .. .Can anyone explain the refresh rate for the EFOB calculations for the A320.. .In other words, how soon would a leak in the fuel system become evident on. .the EFOB at destination indication. I have always been under the impression. .that the EFOB at destination was continuously being updated. Also, I have. .been told that the fuel calculations by the FMGC normally are based on a. .combination of fuel flow and fuel quantity. I would like to know more. .details about this, as well.. .. .END

11th Mar 2002, 14:22
Manual,. .. .I dont have a specific answer to your question, however <a href="http://www.airbus.com/pdfs/customer/fast28/a319.pdf" target="_blank">FAST Airicle on the A319CJ fuel system</a> gives dome more detail on the minibus fuel system operation.. .. .The FUEL PRED page on the MCDU has the FOB calculated from the FF and FQ, if either fails a message "Sensor Invalid" appears.. .. .I think now on the 330 a new ECAM warnin "FUEL FU/FOB DISCREPANCY" and "FUEL LEAK - CONSIDER" appears when the EFOB and FOB differs by 3.5t.. .. .Z