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9th Aug 2001, 13:11
Can anyone please advise what the standard power setting for a B747-200 are on the ILS and the Standard Procedures for Flaps and Gears for ILS interception.

Much obliged

9th Aug 2001, 18:26

Are you the person in Fuji who is sending out a long questionaire to airlines regarding aircraft weights/speeds/procedures?

If so, you have gotten too greedy. If you had asked us to fill the form in for 1 aircraft type, we would have, but there is no way that we have the time to do it for 10 aircraft types.......



11th Aug 2001, 09:39
Intercept ILS with Flaps 10. At 1 1/2 dots above the GS, go Flaps 20, Gear Down. Flaps 25 as you slow, then Flaps 30 at GS intercept. FF settings vary with different types of engines - PW, GE, RR etc.

23rd Aug 2001, 20:06
The last couple of airlines I've flown with have been a little different to that, but not too much -
Intercept the localiser with flaps 10.
1 1/2 dots high on the GS, go flaps 20.
With flaps 20 set, go gear down.
Once stabilsed on the ILS, all that is required is to be stabilised with landing flap (30 with all engines for us, though some non-normal procedures call for 25 final flap) by 1,000' agl.
If you're not stable by 500' agl with the engines spooled-up, then that's an automatic go-around.

23rd Aug 2001, 23:10
Did you guys mean to say "1 1/2 dots high/above"? You normally intercept from below, right?

(Not trying to be nit-picky, just want to make sure I'm not misssing something here.)

24th Aug 2001, 08:51
Yup, you have to come up from 'underneath' for the autopilot to capture the GS properly.
It'll do it from above, but it's not terribly happy about doing it and can take ages to hook up.

24th Aug 2001, 08:59
GS is best intercepted from below. What I meant is when the GS indicator is 1 1/2 dots towards the top of the instrument case (meaning 1 1/2 dots below the GS). It's very intuitive when you're looking at the GS indicator/scale.

24th Aug 2001, 12:31

You don't set the power. You set the aircraft configuration and approach speed. Power is then whatever it takes - whatever the autothrottle gives you.