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JKKne 16th Jan 2021 22:01

Does this mean Jet2 have dropped Almeria and Reus?

(Reus a decent back up if Barcelona never came back)

Jamesair1 17th Jan 2021 08:36

Reus is still on the timetable at 3 x weekly...it's ALMERIA and PISA that seem to have been dropped.

Jamesair1 28th Jan 2021 16:15

Some changes to the RYANAIR SUMMER 21 schedule from previously published.
PALMA ......Daily
MALAGA....5 x Wkly (increased from 4)
FARO.........3 x Wkly
DUBLIN......11 x Wkly
WROCLAW...2 x Wkly *
GDANSK......2 x Wkly *

* the two Polish destinations were not previously shown

GrahamK 29th Jan 2021 18:24

All changed already,
Seems to be an alarming decrease in flights with Jet2 for S22. Possibly a system error that hasnt been looked at for 3 days?

Jamesair1 31st Jan 2021 16:38

Only changes showing today for JET 2 SUMMER 22 are BOURGAS....reduced to 1 weekly (from 2).....no ROME service between MAY and OCT. 22

HH6702 31st Jan 2021 17:56

Think we need to all worry about summer 2021 and getting the operators through this year before we worry about summer 2022!!!

HH6702 1st Feb 2021 20:30

Jersey added 2x weekly for the summer

GrahamK 1st Feb 2021 20:43


TFS has reduced from 8 x weekly to 2/3 x weekly in June/July/August. All the Greek flights 1 x weekly, etc etc.

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 08:09


We must be getting our info from different sources. I am using the Jet 2 Timetable on their website....which still shows TFS at 8 weekly in July?Aug. It does seem to be updated on a regular basis.

BHX5DME 2nd Feb 2021 12:37

The reductions are Summer 22 not 21 !

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 13:13

I see where the difference lies....you are probably looking at the website flight details on your phone and I am looking at the main Jet2 website showing the complete system timetable under the 'info' heading on my PC which is much more detailed.
I would guess that the main website should be more accurate. How odd.....one must be displaying wrong information

SWBKCB 2nd Feb 2021 13:50

The timetable on the website shows more flights operating than is available to book.

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 14:01

Understood.....I suppose they can release more flights if and when needed.....it is a long way ahead for bookings.
Thamks for the clarification.

N707ZS 2nd Feb 2021 14:24

Has Newcastle got an Aberdeen at the moment.

SWBKCB 2nd Feb 2021 14:32

No - it hasn't

N707ZS 2nd Feb 2021 14:55

Thanks, must be helping supply pax at Teesside.

Jamesair1 2nd Feb 2021 15:58

At the moment Loganair are planning to restart ABZ flights on 15th February...however, as always at the moment, that could change

HH6702 10th Feb 2021 11:33

Wizz coming ??

it says from 12 U.K. airports could NCL about to be added ?

jensdad 10th Feb 2021 11:52

There are 11 UK airports listed on their website so there must be a new destination being added. Newcastle just as likely as any I suppose. I would guess Leeds/Bradford or Bristol would be ahead of us, to name but two, but we'll see.

jensdad 10th Feb 2021 11:54

Correction: they already fly to Bristol!

BHX5DME 10th Feb 2021 12:29

Likely to be a Manchester base

tigertanaka 10th Feb 2021 12:50

Looks like the missing one on the list of 11 is Glasgow.

HH6702 10th Feb 2021 12:52

Yes just seen that list of 11 at the bottom of report and donít wizz hold Manchester slots already

nighthawk117 10th Feb 2021 13:29

The article says that their winter timetable is now available to book - so if it hasnt been announced, and isnt bookable, then I dont think it's happening. I think that figure of 12 is likely a typo, rather than a hint of more still to be announced.

planedrive 10th Feb 2021 18:45

ABZ, BFS, BHX, BRS, CWL, DSA, EDI, GLA, LGW, LPL, LTN, SEN. Definitely 12, all bookable and easily searchable on the wizzair website.

Link Kilo 10th Feb 2021 18:55

All 12 are definitely not bookable and easily searchable on the Wizzair website. Their sole route from GLA (BUD) has been ditched and GLA expunged from their website.

richardhall99 24th Feb 2021 08:52

Just announced we are getting a direct Frankfurt service Flights will depart Frankfurt at 16:10 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and depart Newcastle at 17:35. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays flights will depart Frankfurt at 10:20 and Newcastle at 12:15.

Flights are on sale now and are available to book at Lufthansa.com or with your local travel agent. Fares to Frankfurt start from £172 round trip

GrahamK 24th Feb 2021 08:52

Lufthansa add daily Frankfurt from 21st June, CRJ-900 operating.

VentureGo 24th Feb 2021 09:39

Showing up on Skyscanners from £89 return (example Out 5th October, Return 9th October 2021:


N707ZS 24th Feb 2021 10:21

Is that new, new or has it run before? Lost track of the German routes from Newcastle.

GAXLN 24th Feb 2021 10:41

A long time ago Birmingham European did a FRA-NCL flight but, without the connectivity at the FRA end, it did not last long. It was a good time before they became a BA franchise.

The split schedule for this service, LH connectivity, and the daily operation is very good news. Well done NCL!

SWBKCB 24th Feb 2021 11:45

Looks like one in, one out - according to the airport in response to questions on Twitter, Munich won't be returning imminently

N707ZS 24th Feb 2021 11:59

Thanks, looks like they have a whole spare runway at Frankfurt to generate flights for thanks to covid.

Jamesair1 24th Feb 2021 16:20

Looking at the Lufthansa Timetable...Non-stop flights are bookable to FRANKFURT.....op by LUFTHANSA CITY LINE. MUNICH...op by LUFTHANSA........and DUSSELDORF ...op by EUROWINGS. There seems to be a much greater interest from Germany in NEWCASTLE with greatly increased cruise ship calls at Port of Tyne by the German cruise lines Aida (6) and Phoenix Riesen (2) scheduled for 2021 and 2022,

TheLambtonWorm 24th Feb 2021 16:35

Great news. Already booked up.

chris1001 25th Feb 2021 06:58

Fantastic news on the Lufthansa routes which will open up many new longer haul

HH6702 25th Feb 2021 17:56

Have heard they have amended all U.K. departures and dropped some routes and bases for Summer 2021.

have not had a chance yet to check what this means for us but if anybody comes across anything please post

RA85684 25th Feb 2021 22:28

I've just done a quick, basic scout about the TUI website and done a few dummy searches from NCL. All looks to be relatively in order. Appears as if the season is to begin, full swing week commencing 17/05 including non-EU and long haul. Needless to say this is subject to change but hopefully not.

Jamesair1 26th Feb 2021 08:07

Ages ago,.... when Seimans had a large factory in the NE, Lufthansa had flights between NCL and Germany with a guarantee of a certain number of guatanteed seats sold every day.

Jamesair1 26th Feb 2021 16:14

Lufthansa flights to Munich are now only offered via DUS or FRA

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