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British Airways-2

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But it still isnít £2 Billion in state aid as alluded to above. Itís a loan. The state ďaidĒ amounts to the government guarantee, the value of which will be the delta between the actual interest rate charged and what BA would have secured on a commercial loan. I would expect in actual fact that the government will make a profit on the loan over its lifetime.

This is very different to state aid to the likes of Lufthansa and AirFrance/KLM where the government ends up owning a chunk of the company.
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Old 5th Jan 2021, 17:15
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Besides this loan, last September IAG did a Capital Increase (share issue) of 2.74 billion euros, of which Qatar Airways took its share; the rest was underwritten by three Big Banks - Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank - and it was fully subscribed, very quickly. I guess none of those investors had much doubt as to IAG's credit-worthiness.
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 09:59
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& now...

Tom Kerridge Sarnies...a Ploughman`s with Brie,apple chutney,radish & rocket as an example...

Order 12 hours before flying & delivered seatside...
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Old 8th Jan 2021, 21:32
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and a free cup of water! Those expecting to just BOB spontaneously are going to be disappointed...
Hopefully solves the Gatwick leisure issues of them drinking and eating everything dry by row 5 on the outbound...
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Old 9th Jan 2021, 15:04
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How will the crew deliver it? Will pre orders be allocated by passenger name or by seat number?

i.e. If I pre order sarnies for all those in my group but donít pay to pre allocate seats, will the BA system automatically end up seating us together (for free) in order to ease service delivery..?
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Old 9th Jan 2021, 17:38
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No, sound like crew will just match loaded stock to the appropriate seat number and ‘chuck’ it out in a bag. groups/seat numbers inconsequential. Upgrades/rebooks/missed connections are what will cause issue
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Old 13th Jan 2021, 13:44
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Is the A380 planned to return to service? specifically to operate the LHR-SIN route in the future? Aswell as the 777-300ER to operate the SIN-SYD service in the future?

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Old 13th Jan 2021, 15:22
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I have a booking for LHR -SIN in November and it it a 777
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I have read that the SIN-SYD sector is suspended until March.

I have heard rumours that it's not coming back at all.
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Old 13th Jan 2021, 17:58
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I do not think that will be the case. Suspended...yes, canned... no.
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 16:28
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SYD is I believe suspended until about October then returns on a B787-9 (seats are on sale for xmas)
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BA franchisee Sun Air of Scandinavia have just put their German subsidiary into bankruptcy. Sun Air are operating no flights for 12 months - can they really survive ?
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They're still running charters, so atleast they still have some cashflow into the business.
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Anyone booking Sydney for Christmas is being wildly optimistic that they will be allowed to fly without prohibitive restrictions on both arrival in Aus and return to the UK.

I just don't see long-haul returning in any meaningful sense any time soon and it, sadly, may never return to 2019 levels.

It's going to take 2 years (perhaps longer) to 'sort' Coronavirus on a global level and then probably another 2 years before passenger confidence fully returns. Testing is not a solution - people won't book if the entire holiday hangs on a negative PCR test result, against the not insignificant chance of a false positive. And who wants to pay 5k for a holiday only to spend it treating other humans as a biohazard.

Mrs Le Chiffre works for a global blue chip and used to make regular trips to the States. The same operational and business 'effect' is now being delivered by MS Teams - and the company is saving 3 lots of round trips business class + hotels and expenses a year. Multiply this by the hundreds of employees in the same boat and, all of a sudden, they have a whopping saving on overheads.

BA are going to have to down-size and re-invent themselves with a focus on short and medium haul. This will almost certainly result in a further round of job losses or part-time / seasonal contracts (Easyjet have already gone down this route).
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I should clarify... I have a big birthday in just under 3 years, I shall be 40 - My plan is to have a BIG holiday in Australia & New Zealand in 2024

I did sit down and look at the BA website and work out the flights I`d like to take - MAN-LHR / A319 - LHR-SIN / A380 - SIN-SYD / 773ER - I wrote them all down on a document on my laptop - I stupidly completely deleted that document with all my plans for Australia.

Looked to re-write that document and to find that LHR-SIN is now 787 with SIN-SYD on a 787 - Thats why I asked if BA would have the A380 on the SIN route and the 777-300ER on the SYD route

I apologise, I should have been much clearer from the start...

I`m booked to go to YYZ in 2021 - lets hope that goes ahead - But looking more doubtful by the day
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If anyone tells you they know which aircraft type will be used by an airline that operates 2 or more potentially suitable type, on a specified route 3 years from now.... then they are a liar

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