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MANFAN 23rd Nov 2020 12:15

British Airways-2
Did I imagine it (hopefully) or read somewhere there were strikes by BA staff due in December?
After a Google search of "British Airways strikes" there is nothing I can see/find that has been released over the last month.
I live in France and due to fly back on 17th Dec to MAN via LHR...but at the moment there are very few flights between UK & France...I'm just hoping the situation can improve once both countries come out of their respective lockdowns next week.

davidjohnson6 23rd Nov 2020 12:29

It's Heathrow staff who are thinking of striking

Dan Dare 23rd Nov 2020 12:31

Not BA, but Heathrow. I don’t think there will be a lot of disruption, but what do I know.

sorry about the source:

PAXboy 23rd Nov 2020 15:04

Time to clear the warehouse.
BBC: British Airways' big sell-off: Champagne flutes and trolleys

lgwpave 23rd Nov 2020 15:26

Dan Dare

If it involves the Airport Fire Service, as mentioned in BBC report, they would not be able to operate passenger flights.

Navpi 23rd Nov 2020 15:38

Fire sale


Jenny Tails 23rd Nov 2020 18:07

I'm sustained company logos weren't blanked out as condition of sale/scrapping.

davidjohnson6 15th Dec 2020 16:46

Anyone heard that Accra and Islamabad to move from Heathrow to Gatwick ?
Possible also that New York, Las Vegas, San Jose in Costa Rica and Lima to be cut from Gatwick

Not yet sure if this is definite though...

englishcc 15th Dec 2020 17:19

ACC and ISB showing now ex LGW on BA.com

i also suspect that the new MAN LGW will be operated by a LHR crew that have nightstopped in MAN.

Musket90 15th Dec 2020 20:31

Didn't BA fly LGW - ISB before via MAN in the late 80's or early 90's

Albert Hall 15th Dec 2020 22:46

Yes, BA2119/2118 service which was an ex BCal 747-200 on LGW-MAN-ISB. The MAN stop was dropped and the route eventually moved to LHR before being suspended for security reasons. Both this and Accra at LGW are a throwback to years of old.

Musket90 16th Dec 2020 00:18

Thanks Albert. Now you've mentioned the flight number I remember it as BA119 and BA118 without the preceding "2". Maybe in later years BA used the "2" prefix to distinguish between LHR and LGW schedules.

TOM100 16th Dec 2020 06:44

What is the rationale behind this ? They can’t be short of slots at LHR ? Perhaps why the MAN 1 x daily too to link up with these flights. Seems a little odd but what do I know.....

Flitefone 16th Dec 2020 08:00

...more likely slot sitting all those BA slots at LGW while IAG figures out how to use them longer term. The slot waiver will disappear at some point.

TOM100 16th Dec 2020 08:08

I guess - but presumably they will also need slot sitters at LHR. I guess ISB and ACC are not the most competed direct routes and people will travel to LGW.

AirportPlanner1 16th Dec 2020 09:56

Perhaps it’s easier to get third party takers for loaned slots at LHR than it is at LGW? Eastern, Loganair, Blue Air are getting the slots from somewhere.

Skipness One Foxtrot 16th Dec 2020 11:50

Albert Hall

The lesson from loss making years of old was that when routes were moved to LGW, the front cabin stayed at LHR and flew with PIA et al. With PIA banned they are assuming that won't happen and Accra is a monopoly for now. Seems odd.

SWBKCB 16th Dec 2020 12:03

Accra one of the old BCal West Africa routes?

GAXLN 16th Dec 2020 12:10

Very odd indeed given that Virgin now fly LHR-ISB. As previously suggested perhaps trying to protect some LGW slots. I wonder if we will see a step up on UK domestic next summer from LHR to protect slots if the rules do change from those currently in place due COVID-19?

inOban 16th Dec 2020 12:47

I would have thought that for the front cabin travelling from the West End LHR is easier. For the most of the wider public, Thameslink makes LGW easier. Whereabouts in London does the expat Ghanaian community live?

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