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But isn't 60% of their business EU based now for just that reason?
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I wonder if this might entice Ryanair to take a look. Although obviously fleet commonality is an issue it would make them the dominant carrier for London with huge bases north and south of the river. Plus further growth in Italy and elsewhere. And there is a risk if Wizz were to succeed as they would then have FR surrounded by dominance at LGW/LTN (plus there is also the minuscule SEN presence which plausibly could be scaled up)
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This is just what MOL has been preaching for years, can't see him being interested and SEN, what has SEN got to do with this? History for a few years at least if they can keep the housing developers away.
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IAG and Ryanair will (or should) have been thinking for years about the strategic risk of Easyjet and Wizz merging. They may not have a magic wand to figure out how to counter a much stronger competitor... but the possibility should not come as a surprise
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I can't see IAG being allowed to purchase easyJet without major slot divestments in London (LGW for sure, but possibly LHR too), Barcelona (Vueling is the largest airline, by far there, Iberia, BA, Aer Lingus, Level and Air Europa are decent sizes there too), Paris CDG (easyJet & Vueling), AMS (easyJet and Vueling), MAD (Iberia and easyJet also Vueling, BA, EI) at least. There may be other city pairs where easyJet and Vueling compete, Im not sure.

Overall Wizz and easyJet seem more compatible, or IAG and Wizz. I don't see easyJet being attractive to AF-KL or LG for the same reasons of major overlap in the home markets and resultant divestment of slots. Things might change once the EU is done with the Iberia/Air Europa merger, but a lot remains to be seen.
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easyJet could sell off the UK division back to IAG as BA Regional.
Imagine the reaction on the MAN thread. LGW wouldn't know which way to look!
OK, best not, I'll get my coat.....
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Why does any reference to SEN no matter how trivial trigger you? The hypothetical significance is that Wizz would have STN’s catchment truly surrounded. If there is no truth in Wizz having a 3x weekly operation at SEN please say so.
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Brian_Dromey said ''Overall Wizz and easyJet seem more compatible, or IAG and Wizz.''

That is correct. The putative offeror was Wizzair. However, easyJet did not like the small premium on offer to the then market price nor the fact that it was an all paper (shares) offer.

easyJet are proceeding now with a big rights issue.
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Seems that this is being looked at through an almost totally UK lens. Converstaion with the competition regulators would be interesting.
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Set against this barrage of changes at easyJet, its founder and shareholder Stelios Haji-Ioannou is on the verge of founding another budget carrier in Europe. Stelios has, according to reports, been incredibly unhappy with the direction the airlines current management are taking for some time and is seriously ready to create a new pan Europe airline. According to one source, the 54-year-old Greek Cypriot entrepreneur's associates have already held talks with an aircraft manufacturer as well as some potential financial investors
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Excuse my ignorance but would the sale to another airline group be the whole of easyJet or just easyJet UK? Would the Swiss and Europe AOCs continue to fly as independent companies?
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The bid was for the quoted entity, i.e. the whole EasyJet group, which includes EZY (UK), EJU (Austria) and 40% of EZS (Switzerland).
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Seeing whispers of flights from November 2022 on different airport threads on here regarding the new time table release from easyJet

Does anybody know when the timetable is available to book, got a few flights to book...
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EasyJet Holidays has put winter 22/23 on sale, so you can see some of the schedule on there.
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Sorry I should have said, I meant I was looking at October flights between BHX & EDI and November flights between MAN & BFS

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Additional aircraft for seasonal bases Palma, Malaga and Faro next summer
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Earlier this month, Easyjet cut prices on some routes to/from Aqaba in Jordan for the coming winter - it's a seasonal destination that Easyjet doesn't serve during the summer. It looks like those price reductions didn't do enough to increase demand - flight frequencies have now been reduced as well
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Stelios has not invested in the new share issue so his holding has now reduced to below veto level
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Any ideas as to why the recently announced MAN - FUE route has been taken off sale? FUE operated from LPL for many years and always seemed popular, although in recent years only operated seasonally during the winter. FUE now isnít served by EZY from either of its north west bases. Seems a little Ďone step forward, two steps backí.
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I canít find the EasyJet threadÖIím sure we had one already but I personally canít find it.

Iím wondering if there are any plans for EasyJet to update their app that allows covid documentation to be uploaded prior to departure?
I have previously asked them via Twitter but had no response.

The Ryanair app has this feature and it works very well, having all required documents in one place.
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