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Officially left the fleet in December.
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Yes, it was up for a test flight before delivery to our friends from across the ocean.
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Thanks Captain. I don't know if it eventually made it back here to Lasham but the last I saw of it (via ADSB) it was landing in Norwich.
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The demo flights to United include flying an ILS then missed approach at Norwich.
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I’m impressed that United even knew where Norwich was to be that specific about where the missed approach was to take place! Must have been someone based at Mildenhall or Lakenheath in a former life !
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It was flying on an EZY flight number, so I'd imagine it was being flown by an easyJet pilot?
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The aircraft has not yet left the easyJet fleet and was being flown by easyJet crew conducting an airtest. Aircraft departed from and arrived back into Lasham and as mentioned did not land at Norwich. The air test is part of the process of handover from one airline to another.
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Thanks Captain. Those easyJet people know how to get the head working! Back in 2018, I was surprised to see an A319 at Stansted in full Allegiant livery. Oh, I thought, I wonder how that got here. Then it came past me with the easyJet reg on a white panel (is that a stick-on label?) and on the nose gear. It was G-EZIP and was in the process of becoming N320NV.
Same thing on the same day; another Allegiant aircraft appeared, N315NV. This had been G-EJAR and was departing Stansted on delivery to Puerto Rico.
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New S21 routes:

Gatwick - Burgas
Luton - Sharm, Hurghada, Larnaca, Preveza & Santorini
Bristol - Santorini, Mykonos
Belfast - Corfu, Inverness
Manchester - Kos, Enfidha, Newquay
Birmingham - Amsterdam
Glasgow - Newquay
Olbia - Bergamo
Amsterdam - Palermo
Berlin - Santorini, Burgas
Geneva - Antalya
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Great to see some well placed confidence coming back into the industry. With the UK vaccination programme progressing well, case numbers falling sharply and the situation improving elsewhere in Europe from a slow start I think confidence is well placed.
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Great news from EZY although Iím a little surprised they havenít gone for London to NQY with only BA to LHR serving the capital.
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I would be surprised if they could. With a PSO tender process still ongoing for Newquay-London - unless they've bid for it (which I guess is quite possible) - then you can't just go throwing in Newquay-London services when the route has a PSO designation on it.
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When Flybe had the PSO historically from LGW I’m sure easyJet flew seasonal from SEN and Flybe did from STN? I’m guessing like you’ve said they might have gone for the PSO which would explain it.
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I've been looking at countries that might make it onto the UK green travel list within shorthaul range of the UK and seem likely to admit UK residents given suitable constraints

The obvious one is Iceland, with case rates far below that of almost anywhere else in Europe and robust policies to keep control of infection, while still being prepared to admit vaccinated UK residents with very little barriers. Yes, I know it doesn't do hot and sunny, but it's a country that will attract the over 50s, many of whom will likely have had a 2nd shot by early June

I've looked at Easyjet's frequency in peak summer this year from London - and it's about 1x daily. I'm curious as to why Easyjet is being cautious on the route - it seems like an obvious sell when people are likely be desperate to go away almost anywhere

Does anyone have info on Easyjet's frequencies to Keflavik in summer 2019, after WOW's demise ?
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A tender went out for the PSO but was withdrawn. Whether that’s because it’s not seen as required in the near future or because someone is coming in on a commercial basis remains to be seen.

Indeed, even with the PSO other services have run alongside it.
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i don’t think the problem is, generally, leaving the UK - it is how to get back in again without major expense and potential disruption (on a very small number of occasions where a positive test prior to entry occurs).

I have a holiday booked to a green country, a few months from now, but as long as I am required to produce a negative test prior to returning to the UK, I won’t be travelling.
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Granada in Spain seems to have been dropped from the Easyjet network
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It doesn't take people long to find out the coach service from Malaga is very good.
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easyJet new routes announced today

Source - Travel Weekly
  • Belfast International to East Midlands
  • Belfast International to Leeds Bradford
  • London Gatwick to Belfast City
  • Bristol to Jersey
  • Bristol to Aberdeen
  • Manchester to Aberdeen
  • Manchester to Edinburgh
  • Birmingham to Jersey
  • Birmingham to Newquay
  • Liverpool to Bournemouth
  • Inverness to Newquay
  • Newcastle to Jersey
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Some questionable routes in there and staycation fillers for one season only, can’t see much hope for LPL-BOH etc!
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