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The thing is N Yorks is straight up the M11 and A1 and quite an easy journey, the faff of getting to SEN (or STN), flying up and getting a car to come south again isn’t worth it and would certainly be longer even with a service station stop. I don’t think anyone would use Teesside for the lakes unless they lived in Teesside. The argument for Durham works in reverse and actually it’s better from central Newcastle, what a 10/15 min train ride? NCL is well placed for the Northumberland coast and national park, again much more of a trek from here. Certainly ‘the lads’ would go to Newcastle for a weekend on the town.

All irrelevant anyway, the point is the announcement of SEN-NCL was in no way a reflection of Stobart “loyalty” to MME.
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Agreed. A bigger question is "what purpose did Stobart serve". Other than Kate appearing now and then there was no obvious Stobart presence.
Will things stagnate now they have left?
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Kate's not been seen for a long time. Did Stobart do anymore than their name, as an established airport operator, gave a bit of credibility to the Mayor's buy-out?
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Further details and political comment
The Disposal described above constitutes a Class 2 transaction for Esken for the purposes of the Financial Conduct Authority's Listing Rules. Esken's shareholding in Teesside International Airport was treated as an investment on the Group's balance sheet and ascribed a £nil value as at 28 February 2021.

"A £nil value will be ascribed to the deferred consideration. Esken's shareholding in Teesside International Airport did not contribute to the Group's full year results for the year ended 28 February 2021. Any proceeds arising from the Disposal will be used for general corporate purposes."

Labour MP for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham branded the announcement as "disappointing," highlighting previous suggestions they would make the airport "viable."

He said: “It’s disappointing to see Stobart jump just ship two years into a ten-year plan when they briefed the Combined Authority and others about their successes elsewhere, and how they’d make Teesside not just viable, but a major airport in its own right. This decision also poses the questions: why and when did they decide this, and did the Mayor know of Stobart’s plan to abandon Teesside Airport before the May election and his request for a further £10m to support it. Stobart is leaving local taxpayers to shoulder the costs. I just hope the Mayor isn’t going to spend even more of our people’s money on this project when our communities still suffer from a totally inadequate public transport system."

Sadly the MP doesn't seem to know how the airport is funded
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Interesting week....
The Tees Valley Mayor has defended a decision to cancel a contract for Teesside International Airport's security firm, claiming it will save a six-figure sum.

Close Security Protection was dropped by the airport after two years managing site security - in a move branded 'disgraceful and underhand' by the firm.
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Ms Willard appears to be a Director of the Teesside Airport Foundation, along with some other familiar names.
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The Companies House overview page shows the previous name for the Teesside Airport Foundation was "Goosepool 2021 Ltd" which ran from March 2021 to May 2021 ?

Who picked the company officers?
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Can't answer your question about who picked the officers Beafer, but it is extremely commonplace (especially in Mergers & Acquisitions) for new companies to be setup with a holding name and then renamed when the transaction is announced.
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June CAA stats:

Terminal passengers: 7,297 (178 passengers in June 2020, 15,027 in June 2019)
  • Aberdeen: 2,510 (up 60% on June 2019)
  • Belfast City: 783
  • Bristol: 504 (includes 142 charter)
  • Jersey: 501 (down 30% on June 2019)
  • Heathrow: 945
  • Newquay: 363
  • Alicante: 591
  • Amsterdam: 50
  • Faro: 143
  • Palma: 279
Plus other charters:
  • Luton: 113 (Scottish FA)
  • Glasgow: 193 (Scottish FA)
  • Bucharest: 99
  • Mykolaiv (in Ukraine apparently): 61
  • Agadir: 52
  • Vienna: 56
  • Graz: 54
There were also 1,074 transfer passengers not included in the above figures (presumably Eastern passengers on the ABZ route to/from HUY and Loganair passengers from BRS also going to ABZ) compared to 459 last month.

Overall, this is the best month for passengers since February last year and the best month for domestic traffic since March 2009 (when the BMI Heathrow route ended).

Aberdeen had it's best month since November 2017 and loads of 17.9 passengers per flight (plus the transfer passengers) are very strong. Belfast is also looking good, averaging 15.1 passengers per flight, the same as Newquay. Heathrow is once again disappointing with an average of 8.4 passengers per segment (up from 6.5 in May & 3.3 in April), although the codeshare did not start until mid July. Amsterdam had only 50 passengers but only 4 flights in June. Clearly, covid will be impacting JER, ALC, FAO and PMI so maybe see how things develop in July?

Last edited by tigertanaka; 29th Jul 2021 at 17:40. Reason: Missed Vienna & Graz
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None of those passenger load factors look very good at all in comparison to other domestic routes in the Uk
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TUI Flights

Anyone know which airline is going to be used for the TUI flights next year? I thought it was going to be TUI themselves, but on the website it has changed to 'other carrier' - or too early to even be sorted yet?
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As an observation, then without KL providing connectivity to the "world" then one has to assume that this must provide a substantial boost to LM's LHR offering in the short term at least, though clearly not apparent up to end of June ?
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TUI to Turkey

Announced for 2022.

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Scheduled timings suggest it is non-UK based airline.
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Most likely to be operated by Antalya based Corendon Airlines.
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Ryanair is to open a base up the road at NCL March 2022
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Football club owners daughter production at airport

Local football club owners daughter puts on a show inside a hangar at Teesside!

Gazette article says the people sat on the comfortable looking chairs were local VIP's, and senior business people.

Video of the sing song....
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A few Heathrow and Amsterdam flights cancelled recently…Covid? Or tech? Or poor loads?
Someone posted 15on a Heathrow two days ago…not good?

Struggle for all airports at mo.

Anyone know how the the holiday flight loads are?
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Probably people on holiday reducing the loads.
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I was on the return from Belfast last night and there was 14 on that. Flew down to LHR from NCL Friday morning and there was about 70-80 on that (A320). Equally my LHR-DUB Friday night had probably ~100 on an A330.
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