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Coronavirus Impact on Air Travel

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Coronavirus Impact on Air Travel

Old 10th Jan 2021, 14:40
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There certainly are excess deaths, but I don't we can be sure how many are due to Covid-19 infection, or due to people dying because they haven't received timely treatment for other conditions (cancer, or heart disease for example). I fear that the proportion of the latter is going to increase in the next six months, as deaths from Covid-19 subside.

All that said, until a sizable proportion of the travelling public is vaccinated, and those in the destination countries, international travel may well continue to be an issue, I suspect right through to Q3 2021.
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Old 10th Jan 2021, 15:07
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On Tuesday morning I will be attending the funeral of my 98 year old grandmother. She contracted Covid-19 in a care home prior to Christmas and was in good health prior to his. She died alone on Thursday morning in hospital.

My wife is an ED (A&E) consultant. Her dept is overloaded at the moment, considerably more so than in the spring. Ambulances can't offload as there is no capacity in the ED dept because the rest of the hospital itself is over capacity and can't admit patients. This is not just about severely ill people in the ITU, it is about all of the sick people that are currently placing excess load on the NHS.

I have zero tolerance or time for idiots like guy_incognito who come on here and say it is all fine and the current deaths statistics are nothing to worry about. Guy_incognito, the NHS is on its knees and your solution is to relax lockdown measures and encourage people not to wear masks. Words fail me.
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Old 10th Jan 2021, 15:53
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The NHS will receive £3 Billion a week this year. It is a bottomless pit and no matter how much money that is provided, more will be asked for. Any criticism of the NHS gets met with "How dare you say that about the frontline doctors and nurses, to deflect any criticism or questioning of actions.
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Old 10th Jan 2021, 16:08
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But you haven't replied to the point Fostex made. If you don't take the measures required to supress the virus, you aid its spread and put additional pressure on the health service, and so putting lives at risk.

Similarly, by not following the advice and allowing the virus to spread, you make it more likely that vulnerable people will be infected.

No mention of funding or deflecting criticism, just saying it how it is.
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Old 10th Jan 2021, 16:46
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Meanwhile, as published on the Luton thread by a member, which I think we would all agree is not a strategic national airport but the home for low cost breaks and cheap holidays, passengers are forced not to social distance as there is not enough room. The airports response to Covid is to just provide hand sanitiser if you can find the dispensers.

Essential travel followed by quarantine for these passengers last Thursday? I doubt it. Meanwhile we are all told to stay at home unless you can think of any reason to travel abroad. On the other hand travel 5 miles from your home to a beauty spot and pick up a £200 fine.

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Old 10th Jan 2021, 23:52
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My Son in Law flew out to join his ship in Australia on Tuesday, he had to have a Covid test and a certificate of proof before he could fly, he is now in Australia and has to stay in his Hotel room for two weeks and has to have another Covid test before he can board his ship.
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Old 11th Jan 2021, 17:44
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I also respect your opinion, like you I do not want to see a complete air travel shut down, and agree in part that it probably would not work now, but what it if continues to spiral out of control ? at least the UK government have seen the sense, albeit rather late to impose strict entry restrictions on people coming into the UK. This should have been done at the start. If a total Air travel shut down is ever needed I think it would be for the same reasons many retail outlets are shut, pubs and restaurants are shut, and many other places are shut. If people travel to shops, go into shops etc they could be transmitting the virus why are airports and aircraft any different ? Just look at the post on here with pictures of Luton Airport and the crowded scenes - we can never beat it if this continues to happen in the travel industry.
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Old 12th Jan 2021, 11:39
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There's good news....
UK residents can apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) to access emergency medical care in the EU when their current EHIC card runs out. Under a new agreement with the EU, both cards will offer equivalent healthcare protection when people are on holiday, studying or travelling for business. This includes emergency treatment as well as treatment needed for a pre-existing condition.

and there's bad news...

The United Arab Emirates is being removed from the UK list of travel corridors amid a spike in Covid cases. That means anyone who arrives from the UAE after 04:00 GMT on Tuesday now needs to self-isolate for 10 days, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said. UK officials say Covid cases have risen 52% in the UAE in the last seven days and cite "a significant acceleration in the number of imported cases". It comes after Scotland removed the UAE city Dubai from its safe travel list.
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Old 12th Jan 2021, 18:29
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I see a number of post have been removed probably because they were not directly about air travel ? Although that was true they still have a bearing on how when and why we travel. For instance people are saying it is no longer a pandemic ? We now see, what they call the New London Strain is in Mexico - must have got there by Air, how many other countries will get it and Britain will be blamed. It is up to the currently operating Airlines and Airports to control this better but are they ? Just look at the scenes at Luton recently (shown on here).

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Old 14th Jan 2021, 10:22
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Apparently the 50+ market is confident enough to book holidays, but mainly in the UK.
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 12:17
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I suppose they would be - they are higher up on the Vaccine list. I am over 60, My holiday was booked in July 2019 to go away in June 2020 (obviously did not go) now it has been amended by TUI for June 2021 - TUI have been great so far !. I am still not very confident we will even get away then, if I have had the Vaccination will that make it all OK ? Or will there still be other needs like testing before departure depending on what country you are visiting and maybe the requirement for a test before returning to the UK will still be in place. Hopefully each country can sort out entry requirements prior to the summer months. Or will all of this not be needed if you have had the vaccination ?

On another note regarding the vaccination, what are the people who have had it being told ? They still have to follow lockdown regulations, can they travel ? OK the Vaccine should protect them but it does not seem to give any other benefits until the whole population has been vaccinated ?
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 14:45
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At present IIRC there is no internationally-recognised certificate of vaccination for covid. The vaccine isn't 100% effective. People who have been vaccinated can apparently still catch and transmit the disease.
People who have been vaccinated still have to follow all the "lockdown" regulations.
I suspect nothing changes until the risk has been reduced by having a substantial part of the population immunised and a properly functioning Test, Trace and Isolate system is in place.
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 15:02
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In the country I live in I'm apparently getting my vaccination sometime in March. If I go anywhere this year it will be a last minute booking. I'm certainly not making any plans in advance yet. Just too many unknowns!
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 16:10
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Travel from South America and Portugal to the UK to be banned because of a new virus variant in Brazil

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Old 14th Jan 2021, 17:10
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Although a scientific consensus is still to emerge (simply not enough data) the suggestion seems to be that vaccination protects you but does not prevent you from being a vector, i.e. receiving and transmitting the disease to other people. So vaccinated or not, you will still need to mask up, wash hands and practice social distancing for a long time to come - especially if you are travelling to sunnier but poorer countries where vaccination programmes are not as advanced.
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 17:40
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Travel to France from the UK (and other non-EU countries) will require a Covid test in the 72 hours prior to entry. Evening curfew in France will be changed from starting at 8 pm to 6 pm instead
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 17:47
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Yep, everybody, not just selected departments, is now doors shut at 6PM. Worth bearing that as I type the politicians are still on their feet, there might be more restrictions to follow.... and there will be devilish details hidden in the decrets that will follow.

BTW getting a bit p**** off with the constant reference to the "variant l'anglais"

Edit to add: The bullet points being shown on FR2 alongside the talking heads are stating anyone arriving in France from outside the EU will need a negative test and will be subject to 7 day quarantine..not sure how the UK will fit with regard to that ATM, I missed that part of the PMs statement.

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Old 14th Jan 2021, 18:05
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Agreed. Funny how when at the beginning of all this, if anybody dared to refer to the virus as the ‘China’ virus or the ‘Wuhan’ virus, they were denounced as racist and xenophobic, yet it’s seemingly acceptable to say the English virus or Brazilian virus etc.... . Maybe the Chinese do better P.R than us.
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 18:48
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Back to the French changes mentioned upthread, text below from Le Figaro website..

«Tous les voyageurs qui souhaitent venir en France en provenance de pays extérieurs à l'Union européenne devront effectuer un test (PCR) avant de partir», a annoncé Jean Castex. Les intéressés devront également «s'engager sur l'honneur à s'isoler pendant 7 jours une fois arrivés, et refaire un test PCR à l'issue» de cette septaine.
So if travelling to France from outside the EU, pass PCR test prior to heading for France...on arrival 7 day at home "on your honour" quarantine .... and then pass another test prior to leaving isolation..

If this works as it normally does the exact detail will be released in a government decret issued in the next 24 hours..

Oh The96er..I've just been watching the main news and "variant britannique" pretty much tied with "variant sudafrica" in terms of number of mentions..
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Old 14th Jan 2021, 19:06
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That is so right even the medical Scientists have said they do not know if once vaccinated a person will still infect others ? If that is the case I can see many countries still requiring a test prior to entry even if you are vaccinated. This is going to make leisure travel very complicated and stressful, many will just not travel and again sadly the travel industry is going to suffer.

According to many sources the so called UK Variant has now spread to approx 50 other countries, the South African variant to 20 other countries, now if the rumours are true there are Nigerian, Mexican and a particularly worrying Brazilian variant. All of course spread via air travel. Grant Shapps has announced travel to/from South American countries and Portugal are now banned. France is starting a 6pm Curfew - anyone found outside after that time will be fined. I can see serious consideration by the UK government in shutting our borders completely. If we can do it for one whole continent - South America why not all and sort our own country out !

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