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Originally Posted by lfc84 View Post
Isnt it safer to go abroad ? Less incidence of coronavirus in most places than in the UK
So we can give it to other people then, which is how we got it in it in first place.
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Originally Posted by LGS6753 View Post
Another day, another sale and leaseback:

The article also says that EZY will only operate 20% of its plan until year-end.
And more go to Eastern Europe to be parked up.
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Originally Posted by LTNman View Post
So we can give it to other people then, which is how we got it in it in first place.
only those disease and illness free should be travelling. so i maintain my point. its safer to be abroad than remain in the UK
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But it safest of all to stay where you are, where you are in control of your environment and whom you meet.
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First annual loss announced:-
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"[Johan] Lundgren said that in the near future EasyJet should not need more than the £3bn it has already raised."

So, in theory there's enough cash in the bank (as it were) to survive another 12 months of this. But then they're in the poop, I guess.

If demand isn't back up in some format for the 2021 summer season there's gonna be a lot of trouble for a lot of people, sadly.
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The pandemic has put great pressure on EasyJet's finances, forcing it to take on more debt, go to shareholders for extra cash, and sell dozens of its aircraft.
The airline said on Tuesday that after talks with the Bank of England and the Treasury, it would extend its borrowing under the government Corporate Finance Facility scheme, and stagger repayments.
This is the worrying bit
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Owe a £1000 to the bank you worry...Owe a £1,000,000 to the bank they worry.
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It should come as no surprise that, to a business with a high proportion of leased assets, substantial staff numbers, and a very significant downturn in demand, they show a loss. What else ?

But this is in conventional accounting terms. What is far more important at this time is how "free cash" is going. The two sets of figures can be miles apart. You don't go out of business because you show a loss in the published accounts. You do so because you have run out of cash.
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EasyJet will fight to fly from Heathrow
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Italian bases will be scaled down from 36 to 27 based aircraft

Milano Malpensa da 22 a 21 (la base principale nel Paese), mentre maggiore sarą l’impatto negli altri due scali: Napoli vedrą ridursi gli aerei con la livrea arancione da 7 a 4, mentre Venezia passa da 7 a 2.
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Ooops :-( ..... easyjet pls Stay Alive
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Wow..that's really drastic cut in Venice..From 5 to just 2!..Why so? to support the seasonal base of FAO and AGP? Is it temporary until traffic picks up again?
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